Oil Pulling 101

Oil pulling has become one of the best oral care methods! It is an Ayurvedic method of swirling oil in your mouth for 20 minutes, on an empty stomach, to remove all toxins from the mouth. Although it has begun in India, as a natural cure to many oral diseases, oil pulling is not all that well known and used. Here is all you need to know about Oil Pulling 101.

Oil Pulling 101: How it works

Oil pulling is when the oil mixes with the saliva in your mouth, absorbing the toxins in it. As you swirl it around continuously over a period of time, the oil begins to thicken and become white in color. This oil works much like a mouth wash but, is even better. It is made completely of natural products and is much cheaper.

Does Oil Pulling Really Work?

Our mouth can get quiet dirty and gruesome at the best of times. While brushing your teeth is important, your toothbrush is not always able to reach the tiny nooks and crannies where germs might be present. This is where oil pulling comes in.

Oil, being more sticky and stronger than any mouth wash, is able to seep into all the tiny nooks and crannies of the mouth. With the continuous swirling motion, the oil is then pulled back out of the corners along with all the toxins in these hard-to-reach areas.

Here are 8 reasons why you should practice oil pulling:

1. No More Bad Breath

2. Prevents and Cures Tooth Decay

3. Heal Bleeding Gums

4. Whitens Teeth

5. Prevents Cavities

6. Heals Cracked Lips

7. Prevents Mouth Sores

8. Strengthen Gums and Jaws

9. No side affects

Oil Pulling 101: How To

1. Pick the Best Oil

While you can use pretty much any oil to use, we recommend using either coconut or olive oil. These oils not only taste better but, as also considered to be more healthy. One spoon of oil is enough for each session.

2. Before You Brush

Keep in mind that oil pulling is NOT a substitute for brushing, flossing and tongue scrubbing. Do it in the morning, on an empty stomach, before you brush your teeth.

3. Do Not Swallow!!!

Many people ask if you should swallow it once you are done. Please do not do so! Once you are done swirling it, the oil is full of toxins that are bad for you.

4. Time It

A minimum of 10-15 minutes is required to obtain any kind of benefit. Try not to go above the recommended time as your mouth might begin to re-absorb the germs from the oil. Remain within the recommended time to reap the best benefits.

5. Use a Trash Bin

Never ever spit out the oil in your wash basin, once you are done. Use a tissue, if you are not comfortable spitting in a trash bin. The oil is not good for your wash basin as it will coat your drain pipe. Furthermore, it will continue to gather other germs when you use the wash basin.

6. Do Not Gargle!

While gargling, you risk chances of swallowing the oil. Do not do so as this could become very toxin for your body.

7. Routine Checkup

Just because you’re practicing oil pulling, does not mean that you forego your routine checkups. Visit your dentist regularly to get a professional report on the health of your teeth. Perhaps you will surprise your dentist with how well your teeth actually are.

Here’s all you need to know about oil pulling! Go ahead and try it!