You might think that the multi-billion dollar beauty, skincare, and makeup industry thinks about your well-being in 2020. However, that would be a gross-overestimation. In 2019, US FDA (Food and Drug Organization) ordered 9 beauty brands to remove their products from the market. 

While the reason might shock you, it has in inner industry circles come to be very common. The 9 brands had a high asbestos percentage in the products. Asbestos can lead to skin cancer and have other harmful effects on the human body. 

In this article, we speak to leading natural makeup and beauty consultant, Amanda Jo Organic Bunny, and ask her about five reasons we should move towards organic brands. However, before we do, let us first look at why brands do not shy away from using chemicals. 

Why the Skincare Industry still use Chemicals in products?

What do you do if you have already invested billions of dollars in R&D? Will you stop using the same even though some people might experience problems? No, you would not! The beauty, makeup, and skincare industry is estimated to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars. 

Chemical use is not only rampant but also quite accepted and normalized. The argument, which is given, is faster improvement times, and near-perfect testing levels. However, the testing is done on innocent animals like mice, monkeys, and others. 

Using natural ingredients means that the same has to be grown, harvested, and used in a responsible manner. Bigger brands do not have the time or the patience to create an assembly line of production if they shift to naturals. All their products are created in labs, where chemicals can be easily produced and satisfy the demands of mass production. 

List of 5 Reasons why you should move towards Organic Skincare brands

  1. They do not contain chemicals which can be harmful- 

We all have different body types and skin types. While some skin types might suit chemicals, others can lead to breakouts, allergies, or worse. Some chemicals, which are commonly used are parabens, carbon, lead, quaternium, and others. Natural skin care products do not contain any chemicals or toxins, and as such find acceptability in far greater skin types. 

  1. They Smell Better- 

The increased smell you see on the chemical-based product is artificial. They use artificial chemicals to mimic fragrances. This is why products for hyper-allergic skin types are odourless. When you use natural and organic products, the smell is reduced but natural. This is all-natural and does not use any chemicals to create fragrances. 

  1. They do not involve Cruelty on Animals- 

To check if the chemical product is okay for human use, brands use inhuman and hateful techniques like animal testing. Some of the world’s biggest brands are still into this practice, which takes place in a secret fashion on off-site locations in Africa and Asia. Mice, rats, dogs, chimpanzees, and monkeys are trapped in cages and tested. 

  1. They are Sustainable and Eco-Friendly- 

Natural skincare products gather their ingredients from the environment. Herbs, flowers, stems, barks, etc. are the common ingredients, which make up their composition. This means that they need to be sustainable and plant as much as they are using. They can also not go for mass production, as it would not be right for the environment. They are responsible for nature. 

  1. They care about their Customers- 

Any natural skincare brand is not a billion-dollar corporation. They are very much attentive towards the need of their customers and more open to feedback. This helps them keep improving their products and get as much feedback from the customer as possible. When you compare the same to any big chemical-based brand, you will feel the difference for yourself. 

The Final Word

Just as we are becoming conscious of what we are eating and putting inside our bodies, so too should we start caring and feeling about what we are putting on our skin. What you apply on your skin, can seep into the pores and become a part of your blood. 

This is why it is high time we shift from harmful chemical-based beauty, makeup, and skincare products and make the move towards nat8ural, organic and vegan brands and products.