There are several features which make the gym to stand out among many gyms in the market. Let’s look at some of these features, which make a gym to compete healthily with the best in the market. The best gym in Dubai should have the following specs.

The gym must have the best gym facilities. The gym should comprise of over 500 pieces of high cardio and spec tools; you can also install free weight equipment weighing up to 60kg or depending on your target market.

  • Studios

A gym should at least have three studios which include the spinning studio. There are several classes offered in the studios, which include; Body Balance, Grit, Body Attack, among many others. Additionally, virtual studio classes can also be offered in studios, these classes should be delivered over the high-tech screen by virtual instructors.

  • Ladies Only Gym And Studio

A Gym should offer the comprehensives section for ladies. The ladies-only gym should be composed of cardio strength and free weights.  The ladies-only gym should also compose of virtual classes, at a certain time of the day, ladies go for instructor-led classes, virtual classes, though which the instructions are delivered over a high-tech screen by the virtual instructor.

  • Showers And Changing Rooms

The gym should have spacious showers and the changing rooms both for men and ladies. Among the facilities offered in the changing rooms include; showers, secured lockers, hairdryers, toilets, among others. Additionally, the gym should offer spotless and healthy changing rooms; these rooms are cleaned throughout the day to maintain the best level of cleanness.

  • Reception

The gym staff should operate on a  24/7 basis and should be available for any customer queries. The gym should be secure, biometric scanning is done at the gate and therefore to enter the gym, what you need to do a thumbprint scanning which will be detected by the biometric scanners and then you are free to enter.


The gym should be very secure, and you can do any exercise at any time you need to do a physical fitness exercise. The security system of the gym should begin at the gates where individuals are only allowed to enter the gym if the biometric scanners authenticate them. Additionally, the gym should be monitored throughout the week by the installed CCTV cameras. The gym should also be equipped with a code of conduct that all members or subscribers must adhere to. The rules and regulations, as well as health and security measures, are available to all members. Therefore, all members are secure inside.

  • Vending Machines

You never have to worry if you forget any of your gym requirements at home. The vending machines will always help you in solving your problems at the gym. If you forget your towel or your padlock, or anything, head to the vending machines, and you will find all that you need: Towels, padlocks, drinks et cetera. The gym will always ensure that you get what you need without a struggle on time and within your budget to save on every of your hard-earned cash. The customer gets the value for their money while the gym still stands out from the rest.