Using HGH in order to boost your physical appeal and lose weight is becoming more and more popular. But it’s important to take into account any of the risks and challenges that come from using this type of thing. Depending on the person and the amount of HGH you use, there may be some specific situations that you will have to deal with. And because of that, it becomes pivotal to figure out what side effects can arise.

The approved use of HGH appears only in specific cases. For example, if you have a muscle-wasting disease, if you have a pituitary gland problem and that leads to HGH deficiency or if you have the short bowel syndrome. That being said, most people will use HGH to boost their muscle mass naturally and increase their athletic performance. There are even people that use HGH injections for retaining their youth and anti-aging purposes. You can also find HGH sprays and pills too and these tend to tell you that they will boost your sleep quality, memory, lower blood sugar and so on. These are all valid points that can appear as long as you stick to the right dosage.

What are some of the most common HGH side effects?

One of the major side effects of HGH that can appear is joint, muscle or nerve pain. The reason why this appears is because a patient will use too much HGH and he will end up overdosing. When that happens, the body will suffer in a multitude of ways. Which is why it’s important to stick to the right dosage, otherwise you will end up with issues. That’s why you need to know what you are getting into here. Talking with a doctor before taking any HGH pills or injections is pretty much mandatory.

Lots of swelling

You might also encounter swelling that comes from fluid found in the body tissues. You really have to handle all of that correctly, usually this issue appears from HGH injections. The problem is that HGH injections will lead to a very long, unnatural blood half-life. The subcutaneous tissue where you insert these injections come with just a few blood vessels. Because of that, once you inject HGH into your system, it’s a lot harder for HGH to diffuse, and that means it will have a very slow diffusion rate. That’s obviously unnatural for the body. The half-life can be up to 2 hours, and it can lead to many different side effects.

That’s why a very good idea is to opt for HGH boosters. These will encourage the direct secretion of HGH from the pituitary gland. The secreted HGH will go directly into the bloodstream and the half-life will be around 30-50 minutes at most. As you can imagine, this situation comes with a lot less side effects and risks, and it might be the right option for most patients.

High cholesterol levels

This is a side effect that may not appear for most people, but it’s still very problematic when it does. The higher cholesterol levels can bring in additional health issues, and that’s why you need to eliminate all the issues as quickly as possible to stay healthy. When you use HGH and you encounter this problem, you should stop its use right away.

Skin tingling and numbness

One of the main issues here is that skin tingling and numbness can be caused by other health issues as well. So, it’s very hard to spot whether HGH did this or not. It will help a lot and that’s why you need to take your time with it and see how it works here. Ideally you want to go to the doctor and let him know that you took HGH beforehand. This way you can see if they are the ones causing issues or if you have another health issue to begin with. Taking that into consideration is a crucial aspect and that’s what you want to pursue all the time because of that.


As your body tries to handle the new HGH infusion, sometimes you can encounter headaches. That’s not something you can get rid of right away unfortunately, but you can stop taking the HGH injections or boosters for a bit if that happens. If the headaches go away, then it might be a good idea to go to the doctor and see if there’s any residual damage from the HGH supplements. But in case the headaches don’t go away after not using HGH products, then it’s clearly something else.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Usually people will end up with this health problem if they abuse HGH supplements. Taking the right dosage is a very good idea, but if you abuse it you will end up with problems. And this is quite severe because the tendons become inflamed, that’s when the swelling and tingling in fingers will usually appear.

Increased risk of diabetes

HGH overdosing is known to lead to diabetes. It will even contribute to cancerous tumor growth. So the best thing that you can do is to lower the HGH use at least for a little while, until you see what caused this issue in the first place. You really have to figure out the cause here and ensure it’s not something very bad. Otherwise there will be obvious challenges related to this.


It’s very important to avoid taking too many HGH injections, as they will not bring in HGH in your body the right way. And the more this will be in your system unnaturally, the harder it will be to handle. Which is why we are recommending you to go for HGH boosters. You get a similar effect, but without all the major downsides.

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