A dog is more than a pet; they are a member of your family. While they will require much love and attention, they can also positively affect your physical and mental health. 

You might be surprised by the many ways they can transform your mood and quality of life.

If you are thinking of welcoming a pooch into the home, here are the five benefits of owning a dog.

  1. An Active Lifestyle

Many health professionals recommend that adults embark on at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week. Dog owners are also more likely to do so, as they will spend much time outdoors walking their canine companion.

Owning a pet could force you to adopt a more active lifestyle. What’s more, a pooch could help you to remain fit and mobile as you grow older while developing a lower body mass index.

  1. An Improved Mood

Spending a few minutes with a pooch can reportedly make people feel less stressed. As you play or stroke a pet, the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, will lower in your body while the feel-good chemical serotonin will rise. A few minutes of quality time with your dog could lift your mood and help you feel more relaxed.

  1. Better Heart Health

A 20-year study found that dog owners had a greater one-year survival rate following a heart attack, compared to those who did not own a dog. By introducing a pooch into the home, you could improve your heart health and decrease your risk of developing a cardiac disease or heart failure.

It is, however, imperative to care for your pet dog’s health throughout the years, too. For example, you should take him or her for walks each day and you could improve their mental and physical health with treats from the likes of CeeBeeDoo.

  1. A Good Social Life

Engaging with others could help you develop a healthy mind, which can combat anxiety and depression. Pet owners are more likely to talk to other pet owners in the street or at the park, as they will have common ground. Owning a dog could, therefore, improve your social life, help you make new friends, and feel more connected to your community.

  1. A Healthier Weight

Not only can walking a dog help you to enjoy a more active lifestyle, but you could shed excess pounds. Various studies have found that people who walk daily with their dogs lost weight, as they will embark on moderate activity for 10 to 30 minutes each time. So, a canine will not only become a loyal and loveable companion, but they could lead to you developing a healthier weight, getting fit, and experiencing greater mental health.

Despite the many benefits of owning a dog, you must ensure you are ready to welcome a canine into the home. After all, they will require a great deal of love, time, money, and attention.