The Evolution of Taylor Swift Hairstyles!

It’s been ten years since Taylor Swift released her first debut album ‘Taylor Swift’ by Big Machine Records! That’s right, ten years of enchanting us with her amazing vocal skills, her beauty, her attitude and even her one-of-a-kind dance moves! There isn’t a girl who has sung the words, “And there she goes, so perfectly. The kind of flawless I wish I could be”, from Taylor’s song Tear Drops on My Guitar, without thinking about Taylor herself! In honor of her decade anniversary we have the Evolution of Taylor Swift Hairstyles!

Taylor Swift Hairstyles – Through the Ages

1. Taylor Swift CMA Awards 2006

Remember that oh-so-innocent-and-angelic look that she sported at the CMA Awards 2006? This was the beginning of the evolution of Taylor Swift hairstyles that inspired not just country girls around the world but, also city girls, to opt for the big curled look!

2. Taylor Swift Grammy Awards 2008

The evolution of Taylor Swift Hairstyles from 2006-2008, did not change all that much. Much like her hair in ‘Tear Drops on my Guitar’, we see her don a curly hair look but, a more subtle one. Her long side-swept bangs have clearly been straightened in the front, possibly to give a more softened look.

3.Taylor Swift CMT Awards 2010

The CMT Awards 2010 was the first time that we ever got a glimpse of Taylor Swift with straight hair! This particular evolution of Taylor Swift Hairstyles look witnessed a HUGE change in her style. Gone was the curly hair, teenage look and in came an elegant young woman!

4.Taylor Swift American Music Awards 2010

The American Music Awards 2010 witnessed the perfect start to the whole front eye-sweeping bangs look! Classy, grown-up, elegant but, still youthful!

5.Taylor Swift MTV Video Music Awards 2013

Taylor Sported one of the most complicated, yet elegant hairstyles that we have seen in a while! Her curly retro styled hair was not just complicated and classy but, also framed her face and showed off those gorgeous earrings!

6.Taylor Swift Fragrance Foundation Awards 2013

A top-knot with a plait framed finish and blunt front bangs are like candy to my eye! The slight poof in her hair, the bangs framing the face so perfectly, makes this one of the best among the evolution of Taylor Swift hairstyles!

7.Taylor Swift ACM Awards 2014

In was in this year that Taylor decided to go full force into her look and made the brave decision to cut her beautiful locks short!

Her blown out, messy beach hair, bob cut gave her a classic good-girl gone bad appearance. Topped off with gorgeous blue eye makeup and her staple red lipstick, Taylor looked much more than a star on this red carpet!

8.Taylor Swift ELLE Style Awards 2015

There is only one word for this look – EDGY! What we love the most about this look is how she played it up against her makeup, letting her features take the upper hand but, making sure that her hair did not go unnoticed! Sleek? I’d say!

9.Taylor Swift Brit Awards 2015

Calm down now! This beauty did not get rid of her gorgeous locks! Her hair was brilliantly pinned up and set with A LOT of hairspray to achieve this look.

10.Taylor Swift Grammy Awards 2016

It’s no secret that Taylor is madly in love with the retro look. After taking a look at this sophisticated lady, it would be easy to believe if someone told you that she had just stepped right out of a 1950’s movie!

11.Taylor Swift Met Gala 2016

Finally, the evolution of Taylor Swift Hairstyles (2006 – 2016) brings you Taylor with a platinum blonde – dark root, messy hair look! What we loved the most was how it complimented her extremely edgy look that she sported with her dark lipstick and pale eye makeup!