The Federal Government still classifies marijuana as a Schedule I substance. It is still considered illegal to possess even small amounts of the substance even though many states have decriminalized marijuana for medical purposes and some states recreational. What is the true status of medical marijuana, which in some instances is considered the wrong term to apply to it? There isn’t a ton of research to support claims in either political field and the entire subject has grown murkier with each state adressing cannabis as either medical marijuana, recreational or completely illegal. But whatever the case, many just want to simply obtain medical marijuana.

Marijuana itself is the name given to the dried buds and leaves of Cannabis sativa plant varieties. It can be dried and distilled in many different ways and made into any number of products. Marijuana has been used in all its forms for years to treat illnesses and help with pain and nausea. It wasn’t until scientists discovered the THC and CBD that is in some cannabis products. That brought marijuana into the forefront of a battle that is still ranging today.THC and CBD were deemed dangerous by the Federal Government for their mind-altering effects, but the problem with that is it meant marijuana as a whole was band as there was not a lot of experience in separating out the THC and CBD from the marijuana itself. This made the entire product illegal.

It has only been the last decade or more that marijuana has been studied more extensively as a true medical plant that can actually help people with chronic conditions. More than 60 types of cannabinoids have been identified. Unfortunately, they mostly haven’t been studied for medical purposes. A lot of the research has gone into finding out more about THC and CBD. This leaves a very large gap in the knowledge of what this plant can actually do for humans. It is known that THC and CBD bind to the receptors in the brain and immune system. This means that the human brain gets to experience levels of euphoria.

THC is responsible for the high that most people experience, but the healing effects of the rest of the plant or the pain relief have not been studied extensively. Multiple studies have suggested the CBD does aid in easing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, anorexia, multiple sclerosis, movement disorders, chorionic pain, nausea neuropathic pain, chemotherapy side effects, and inflammatory bowel disorders. They have also found that it is an effective treatment when used in connection with radiation therapy.

It has also been used for centuries as a treatment for nausea and it has been recognized y the U.S. Government has been able to treat nausea and started to be prescribed in 1992 for appetite loss in HIV/AIDS patients. With all the benefits that are slowly coming to light, why is marijuana still held up as so dangerous? The only part of it that is dangerous is the THC that the scientists have proven to cause mind-altering effects. One of the major reasons it is still difficult to prescribe is because the Federal Government still treats it as a whole dangerous plant. Many medical professionals are reluctant to prescribe it because it could lose them their license if done too frequently or cost them their business if certain parties find out.

It has also been proven that linking marijuana and the teenage brain can cause developmental delays as well as stunt development. The human brain does not stop developing until around age 25. The fear associated with developing brains has been transferred to the adult mindset and brain. The knowledge has also been kept out of the medical community itself. Most medical schools never touch on the subject of marijuana for medical use. Physicians are forced to educate themselves so they can address the issue of medical marijuana when patients ask them about it.

Another issue keeping marijuana out of the public spectrum is the fact that smoking marijuana is much worse for your body and lungs than smoking cigarettes.  These lingering issues are keeping the good parts of cannabis out of public reach. All the miss information about it has made the situation much hard to grasp. It alsomakes it more difficult for the people who use it to get the help they deserve The truth of the situation is that there a wealth of information about this plant this not being studied and people are being criminalized when the full extent of what could actually be helping them is not known.

The truth behind medical marijuana is that people are so scared to do more to learn about this plant because of the Federal Laws placed against it. The entire issue needs to be more closely studied so the people actually know more about than what is written on the internet.