Singing is an art, no doubts about that! But, did you know that singing can increase your wealth in imaginable ways whether you are the best singer in the world or not? Take a look at the Top 15 Richest Male Singers in the World 2016. Who know how rich singers could be!? This list is based on the richest male singers net worth.

Richest Male Singers In The World 2016

  1. Johnny Mathis – $400 million

This 81 year old singer is the leading richest male singer in the world at No.1 on our list of the top 15 male richest musicians 2016, with a stunning net worth of $400 million making him the richest american musician in the world! It’s easy to say that he has earned his ‘Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.’

Although, we must add that sadly, he is not the richest artist in the world as the richest female musician in the world is worth approximately $560 million, making her the richest singer in the world.

  1. Toby Keith – $360 million

This country artist, popular for his songs ‘Red Solo Cup’ and ‘American Soldier’, is the 2nd richest music artist in the world with a net worth of $360 million!

  1. Bruce Springsteen – $345 million

Bruce Springsteen is still on fire and still experiencing his glory days as one of the richest male artist! His net worth of $345 million is a clear sign of it!

  1. George Strait – $326 million

We are honored to present the “King of Country” an incredibly famous singer in the world on our list, as we ‘cross our hearts’ and promise to always love him and his amazing country songs!

  1. Julio Iglesias – $300 million

At 73, the father of our very popular Enrique Iglesias still stands tall (and handsome). His current net worth is estimated at $300 million, ranking him at No.5 on the top 10 richest male singers.

  1. Johnny Hallyday and Aaron Kwok – $275 million

What does the ‘French Elvis’ and one of the ‘Four Heavenly Kings’ of Hong Kong have in common? An astounding net worth of $275 million!

  1. Tom Jones and Kenny Rogers – $250 million

.The one and only ‘Sex Bomb’ and ‘The Gambler’ both knew exactly how to sweep all the ladies off their feet! They currently rank No.7 on our list of the male top richest singers in the world 2016.

  1. Justin Bieber – $245 million

This pop sensation began at a very young age (16 years) and it was a joy watching his rise to fame! He is currently considered to be one of the richest pop stars. His current net worth is estimated at $245 million!

  1. Garth Brooks – $240 million

Garth Brooks, most popular in the United States, is yet again proof that country boys can certainly sing! This redneck hottie feature as one of the richest country singers with a net worth of $240 million are a result of his amazing rustic country tones.

  1. Kenny Chesney and Justin Timberlake – $225 million

‘Don’t Blink’ or you might just miss these two singers ‘Bringing Sexy Back.’ At No.10 on our list of top 15 richest male singers in the world 2016, is country star Kenny Chesney and the new ‘King of Pop’ Justin Timberlake.

  1. Robbie Williams, Don Henley and Lionel Richie – $200 million

‘Angels’ certainly descend when you heard one of the three gents sing! Former member of the band ‘Take That’, Founder of the legendary band ‘Eagles’ and former member of the group ‘Commodores’, all have a net worth of $200 million!

  1. Jay Chou – $185 million

This Taiwanese musician, songwriter, singer, record producer, actor and director, ranks at No.12 on our list of top 15 richest male singers in the world 2016 as one of the wealthiest singers.

  1. Usher – $180 million

‘OMG’ indeed! Usher not only wowed us with his amazing vocals but, also with his slick moves! This pop stars net worth is currently estimated to be an amazing $180 million making him the richest hip hop artist in the world!

  1. Babyface – $170 million

One thing is for sure, ‘Everytime I Close My Eyes’ I can still picture Babyface singing his amazing songs! His latest album ‘Return of Tender Love’ was released on December 4th, 2015. He is one of the richest r&b singers in the world.

  1. Pharrell Williams, Michael Buble, R.Kelly and Bob Geldof – $150 million

I’m so ‘Happy’ about ‘Everything’, that I really do ‘Believe I can Fly’! Let’s not forget the major star here though – Bob Geldof, who wrote the famous ‘Band Aid’ song ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ All four of these amazing men rank at No.15 on our list of the richest musician in the world, with $150 million in net worth.