Heatless Curls Overnight

Curling the hair with a curling rod is much like straightening your hair with an iron. Sure the results are immediate but, did you ever stop to think of how harmful it is for your hair? Excess amounts of heat can cause hair-fall, damage, dryness, friziness and even irreparable damage! This is why we have a few ways to help you get heatless curls overnight!

Get Heatless Curls Overnight

1. Straws

If you’re looking for the perfect spiral curls, then look no further! This method will guarantee you curls like Rihanna!

How to
  • Gather a bunch of straws.
  • Brush out your hair and dampen it just a little.
  • Wrap small sections of your hair along the length of a straw.
  • When you reach the end, fold the straw upwards so that the hair doesn’t slip off and secure it with a bobby pin. You can also use an elastic band but, it is easier to open the curls when you use a bobby pin.
  • Have a good night’s rest while you set your heatless curls overnight!
  • Open out your curls in the morning and gently comb through it with your fingers and Voila!

2. Foil

Foil is only used for cooking right? Think again! Use aluminum foil to curl your hair!

How to
  • Take pieces of foil, enough to squish together and make a rod.
  • Section your hair out depending on how thick or thin you want your curls.
  • Dampen your hair just a little and wrap each section of your hair around the aluminum foil.
  • Using the twist and bend method, lock your curl into place.
  • Sleep tight while you set your heatless curls overnight!
  • Release your curls in the morning and Ta-Da!

3. Sock Bun

Sock buns are all the hype. Why spend so much of money on buying a hair bun when you can make one at home, right? But, did you know that you can even use this miracle product to get effortless heatless curls overnight?

How to
  • Begin by tying your hair up into a ponytail and place the sock bun over it.
  • Dampen your hair and segregate it into two sections.
  • Twist a section of your hair and wrap it in and out of the bun, until the very end.
  • Secure it with a bobby pin and repeat it with the other section.
  • Get some beauty sleep while you set your heatless curls overnight!
  • Open out your hair in the morning and witness beautiful curls cascading down your head!

4. Braids

Beach waves/curls are the hottest fad! Here is one easy way to get them without using any sea salt spray!

How to
  • Dampen your hair and section it off into tiny portions.
  • Braid each section of your hair, securing the ends with elastic bands.
  • Get a good night’s rest while you set your heatless curls overnight!
  • Open the braid and lightly comb your hair with your fingers in the morning!
  • Gorgeous beach waves – at your service!

5. Headband

Headbands must be a staple of your fashion, especially if you are a ‘Blair Waldorf’ die-hard fan! Put this headband fashion to some more use!

How to
  • Use a soft headband, maybe even a t-shirt style one. Place it over your head, more like in a bohemian type of look.
  • Dampen the bottom half of your hair and twist it.
  • Following the same method that you used for the sock bun, wrap it in and around the headband.
  • Allow it to dry overnight while you get some rest.
  • Remove the headband in the morning and there you have it! Heatless curls overnight!

6. Bubble Wrap

Get Carrie Bradshaw Diaries type curls using just bubble wrap! This particular method is quite effective but, not very well known.

How to
  • Cut pieces of bubble wrap and roll them until you have former tiny bubble wrap curlers. Secure them with cello-tape so that they do not open out.
  • For this method you will need to make MANY TINY sections in your hair.
  • Wrap your hair in the bubble wrap rollers, starting at the roots of your hair, after dampening it.
  • Use the twist and wrap method while making the rolls.
  • Once done, hold both ends of the bubble wrap together and turn it upwards. Secure the ends with an elastic band or a bobby pin.
  • Let it dry overnight to achieve perfect Carrie Bradshaw type curls!
  • Open out your curls in the morning. You can either leave your curls like this or comb it through, just a little, with your fingers.