Wedding decorations have always been a concern for the bride as well as the groom. The customized decorations take a lot of hard work and patience. For a wedding to be successful, two things are always to keep in mind: the first one being the decoration and the second one being the food. It is to keep in mind that decorations are the most crucial part. Wedding venues in South Delhi provides a good place for proper customized decorations. The main dilemma starts with using different types of props for the decoration. People are often confused with that and hire a professional event manager who handles the decoration part, so the family can enjoy without any hesitation.

5 unique ways to use mirrors in Wedding décor:

The family of the bride as well as the groom demand for a wedding venue with customized wedding décor. It is the task of the event management team to help them out with choosing their decisions wisely. Nowadays, a lot of people use a mirror as the prime prop for their wedding décor. Some disagree with the fact of using a mirror as it might seem dull and destroy the atmosphere. But here are 5 unique ways to use mirrors in Wedding décor:

Invitation cards:

A unique way of inviting friends and family is by distributing wedding cards that have mirrors in it. It changes the look of the card as well as has twists in it. One cannot figure out by just looking at the card that it has a mirror in it. The mirror can be filled with hand-written messages for the people receiving it. It has a unique gesture and will definitely please the guests.

Stage background:

A normal wedding contains a stage whose background is decorated with flowers of a different kind. But mirrors too look extravagant as a stage background. It looks classy and holds a lot of fascination. It is unique in its own way. It is even cheaper as the flowers cost more and might get destroyed easily. But a mirror is harmless and looks stunning on the wedding stage.

Table highlight:

Imagine sitting on a table covered with a beautiful cloth and having a piece of the mirror just in the center, covered with candles on the edges. It looks beautiful as well as mesmerizing.

Wishing Tree:

This is a very unique idea, where there’ll be a mirror with markers in front of it for the guests to write something about the newly-wed couple. This is a warm gesture and the couple can even keep it with themselves.

Photogenic Outcome:

Mirrors reflect the beauty of a person, and a camera captures it. A mirror reflection is one of the best angles a photographer would get and this idea too is quite unique.


The above-mentioned ways clearly show the unique ways mirrors can be used as Wedding decors. It makes the wedding look really classy and gives it a different look than the other normal wedding arrangements. It definitely is budget-friendly as well.