In order for one to become a fully certified dentist, they will first need to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of what they’ve learned so far. A good way to determine this through their DAT score. So, what is the DAT? The Dental Admission Test scores are used by employers to know how effective you are. However, the question about when to take your DAT relies on several factors.

Take the Pre-Requisite courses

Having to sit for the DAT exam will be far less intimidating when you are fully prepared and equipped with all the knowledge about the exam. Make sure the classes you are scheduled to take in school will help you prepare for the exam by covering all of the subjects you need to know. Ensure you cover General Biology, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry before you are done with your sophomore year. The good thing is that those who study science-related courses will be able to cover these courses in their second years of study, so they don’t have to worry as much about planning.

Prepare yourself for the DAT

After your sophomore year, you will now be ready to take the DAT exams. However, DAT test prep will be extremely important to ensure you do not miss anything. The summer period after your second year will give you a good opportunity to prepare for the exams.

So how do you balance your normal life with the scheduled exams?

Determine the appropriate time for your preparation. Generally, if you are a committed student and you like reading, then a period of 3 months can be enough for you to prepare for this exam. For example, if you decided to take the exam in summer it would be advisable to apply for these exams in August.

Make a DAT test prep plan

There are so many ways through which you can prepare yourself for the DAT. There are online materials with full information on anything you may need related to DAT test. If this doesn’t prove helpful, you can also attend DAT test prep classes where you will meet experienced tutors and fellow students who can help you better prepare for the exam. Sharing with these people will improve your knowledge and give you the support to undertake the DAT exam.

Think positively

What you should be focusing on is not only to do the exam, but you should be determined to score in the top percentile. Better grades come from how you conduct yourself before the exam period. You actually need to keep yourself healthy to ensure your brain functions normally and you don’t burnout. Ideally, you should stop studying a week before the exam to allow yourself time to absorb everything you have been studying for the past 3 months of your preparation.

Plan ahead

If you may have some financial challenges, then you should also take these into consideration and budget effectively to avoid inconveniences. Do not make the mistake of waiting for your graduation to go for these exams.