There is something magical about being able to create something out of the simplest thing as mundane as a ball of yarn. For example, any baker would tell you that seeing how a bowl of flour, yeast and eggs could be turned into warm and soft bread is one of the best feeling in the world. Also, turning a tub of paint into a wall art or a painting is nothing short of amazing. It is inherent in our nature to create, to imagine, to appreciate beautiful things and to be able to enjoy it. Thus, crocheting or knitting with a skein of worsted weight yarn will definitely bring out the creativity in us.


Creativity refers to the concept of being able to think of new or novel ways to perceive the world and then being able to bring it to reality. Thus, there are two components to creativity; thinking and creating, in order to be truly creative we have to be able to think and then produce something that is borne out from what we have imagined. If we are only able to think but not produce, then we are just imaginative, and if we just create from other people’s ideas then we are just crafters. Creativity is however a natural part of who we are, for example, how is it that you can think of new ways to decorate your home, or how we have a sense of style in terms of our clothes, or how we present ourselves to others. Since creativity is in all of us, it has to be expressed as it is necessary for our well-being.

Creative Outlets

Everything around us is a form of art, the architecture of our buildings, the landscape of our gardens and parks, even the lighting of our streets, all of those became aesthetically attractive because of art. And art is a huge part of creativity, when we create, we do so with art in it. The adage that says that we must take the time to smell the flowers, does not refer to just visiting flower gardens but to actually express our creativity in whatever way we can. To each his own, cooks express creativity through their dishes, cakes, and pastries, gardeners create their own gardens, tailors sew their own clothes, poets write poems, millennials make video blogs, youtube pages and or take pictures of everything and post it. Then, there are a large part of society that creates good things from a worsted weight yarn and hooks.

The Benefits of Having a Creative Outlet

A creative outlet is good for your well-being and mental health. In this day and age where everything can be bought anywhere, being able to make something from your own thoughts and hands is very fulfilling. It is both a personal achievement, and something that can really make you feel good about yourself. We are so busy with being able to work for the finer things in life, but having a creative outlet is just as important. If crocheting or knitting is your passion, then you can create hats, jackets, shawls, scowls and scarfs that will become treasured pieces. Seeing a completed scarf from a skein of worsted weight yarns with rich colors and super soft yarns is gratifying and you will undoubtedly be making more for your family and friends. Having a creative outlet is also being able to work at something that you really enjoy and being happy with it. Most often than not, we are overworked and underpaid, we have a lot of stressors in life, and yet crocheting and knitting have been found to increase relaxation and enjoying little successes in life.

Crocheting and Knitting

Those who take up crocheting and knitting do so because they like working with their hands, and being able to translate into reality, what they have imagined or planned to accomplish. People who do crochet and knitting are good with their fine motor skills and enjoy the challenge of making special keepsakes and gifts. Crocheting and knitting are also practical hobbies and creative outlets, it only takes a ball of worsted weight yarns and hooks to be able to make a shawl or scowl from start to finish. There are different patterns and knots that avid crocheters and knitters have mastered, either by attending a training or learning it on their own. Beginners generally work with a pattern or a set of instructions for a certain project, but the more experienced ones can do so on their own and come up with their own design.

Yarns and Yarns

The quality of what you crochet or knit will largely be dependent on the quality of the yarns you are going to use. So if you believe that what you are creating at the moment will be the best one you will have finished, then you need to use the best yarn there is. Luckily there is an abundance of stores and shops who sell and specialize in providing yarns and materials to knitters. Worsted weight yarn is the best choice of yarn, as it is thick, soft and come in various colors and combinations. It is also easy to crochet or knit, it does not snag and tie into knots while you are working. It is also very durable and you can be assured that your finished project would hold its shape and will not come apart even if it is washed or used every day. Worsted weight yarns are made from the best quality silk and have been dyed with rich colors and will surely cheer up the knitter.

You can also order worsted weight yarns from online stores, it saves you the hassle of going to the store and not being able to find that specific color or quality of yarn. Specialty shops that supply different kinds of yarns can be your one-stop shop for all your knitting needs and everything that you order will be delivered to your front door. Also, the prices in this stores are way cheaper than those in physical store. Order your worsted weight yarn today and explore your creativity.