Zayn Malik Inked Life

Pop sensation Zayn Malik is famous for a lot of things. He is known for being associated with supermodel Gigi Hadid and these two make for quite an item. But what set Zayn Malik apart are his own set of Zayn Malik tattoos! Yes, you read it right. Zayn loves his ink and has no less than 51 tattoos all over his body.

Although he is most popularly remembered as the erstwhile member of the band One Direction, he is more popular for breaking away from them in an almost dramatic way. Much like the other band members of One Direction, tattoos are Zayn’s favorite too. He was the second most tattooed person in the group, only falling behind the star, Harry Styles.

Zayn Malik tattoos are all over himself and true to his form, he sticks to not one style. In some places, he has ink that looks insignificant and minuscule, while, on the other hand, he has an entire sleeve tattooed on his arm. It is also not like him to shy away from attention when he gets a tattoo. When he gets a new tattoo, it sure ends up in the limelight! There are tattoos that are dedications to crushes and old flames, and then there are tattoos on his body that speak of his outlook in life.

It is hence safe to say that Zayn Malik is a gold mine of tattoos and if you are keeping a count of the 51 tattoos and need to brush up on your knowledge of them, we have a list you can run through. Here you go! Read on to learn more about each of Zayn Malik tattoos and its meaning!

Zayn Malik Tattoos

1. A Scene of a UFO in Space

It is tattooed on his upper right arm allegedly covering up the Perrie Edwards tattoo he had got earlier.

2. A Full Series of Hieroglyphics Type Tattoos

They are tattooed on the upper and middle part of the fingers of his left hand

3. Star Wars Lightsaber Tattoo in Blacklight

In addition to the other finger tattoos, a Star Wars lightsaber is tattooed on his middle finger of the right hand.

4. Smoking Man Outline

This simple outline Zayn Malik tattoo is inked on his leg.

5. Album Tittle

Zayn’s ‘Mind of Mine’ album is tattooed on one of his arms, surrounding his tiger tattoo.

6. Henna-Style Tattoo

There is an intricate and detailed black and white henna style tattoo, in a floral pattern, tattooed on top of his left wrist.

7. Mandala Tattoo

Tattooed in black and white on his left hand as an extension to the earlier henna style wrist tattoo.

8. Checkered Flag Tattoo

Zayn has this tattoo on the forearm of his left hand and it is situated just above the black and white mandala and henna style floral tattoos.

9. Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus Flower Tattoo

Zayn Malik has a delicate lotus flower tattoo inked on his left forearm and it is situated right above the earlier checkered flag tattoo.

10. Smoking Red Lips Tattoo

He has this tattooed on his right hand and it is just a tad lower that his full sleeve ink.

11. Crazy Big Gun Tattoo

Zayn Malik Tattoo of a crazy big gun is tattooed on his left hip and it is in a monochrome color palette.

12. Criss-Cross Tattoo

This small criss-cross tattoo is on Zayn’s right leg.

13. Geometric Tattoos

Since Zayn is quite the adventurous one, he has an assortment of geometric shaped tattooed on himself. These Zayn Malik Tattoos feature simple black outlines of two squares, one triangle, and one circle.

14. Yin Yang Tattoo

Zayn has the yin yang symbol tattooed on his left arm, near the wrist.

15. Space Monkey Tattoo

Space Monkey Tattoo

Zayn has this rather weird tattoo on the upper part of his right arm.

16. Snake Tattoo

Snake Tattoo

He has a huge snake shaped tattoo all in black and white on his right shoulder.

17. Tiger Tattoo

Zayn has a very large, black and white large tiger tattoo inked on the upper part of his left arm.

18. BUS 1

Zayn has BUS 1 tattooed on the outside of his left hand.

19. Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Zayn Malik Tattoos of a lightning bolt is on the outside of his right arm.

20. Pirate Quote Tattoo

Zayn has the quote ‘It’s a pirate’s life for me’ tattooed on the right side of his ribcage and it is situated below his playing card tattoo.

21. Perrie Edwards Tattoo

Zayn had a huge tattoo of Perrie Edwards on his arm. It is a caricature of his ex-fiance and she is wearing a fuzzy ball hat in the tattoo. Although Zayn said that he wouldn’t change anything in his life, his current girlfriend – Gigi Hadid probably had something to do with his cover-up of this tattoo!

22. Wolf and Feathers Tattoo

He has this tattoo on his left leg.

23. Red Lips And Black Wings Tattoo

Red Lips And Black Wings Tattoo

Zayn has a pair of black wings tattooed one either side of the red lips, right across his chest. Although Zayn has not confirmed, nor declined the rumors, this tattoo seemed like a tribute to his ex-fiance Pierre Edwards (Her first song in her group ‘Little Mix’ was ‘Wings’).

24. Smoking Skull Tattoo

He has a smoking skull wearing a top hat tattooed on his left shoulder.

25. Prism Tattoo

Zayn has a Pink Floyd inspired Dark side of the moon prism tattoo inked on his right bicep.

26. Another Skull Tattoo

A skull tattoo with waves is inked on Zayn’s right arm and it is a part of his tattoo sleeve.

27. M.S.G. 3-12-12 Tattoo

This one is on Zayn’s right arm.

28. Graffiti Tattoo

Te word ‘Chilin’ and a couple of palm trees as graffiti are tattooed on his right arm.

29. Bandana Tattoo

As a part of his half arm tattoo sleeve, Zayn has a bandana tattooed on his right elbow.

30. Small Bird Tattoo

He has a small bird tattooed on his right hand. Although it looks very much like Justin Bieber’s bird tattoo, this tattoo is more on the lines of Harry Styles’ tattoo.

31. Screw Tattoo

He has a tiny screw tattooed on his ankle. Although he wasn’t the first to get the tattoo, Zayn did give in and got matching tattoos along with his former group members.

32. Skull and Crossbones

Zayn has these tattooed on his right shoulder. Although we do not know the reason behind his skull tattoos, it is safe to assume that it showcases him as the bad boy of the group!

33. Boombox Tattoo

The most important one – true to his musician spirit, Zayn has a large boombox tattooed on his right arm.

34. Another Quote Tattoo

He has the phrase ‘Friday?’ tattooed on his right collarbone. Although, Zayn claims that this is in relation to his constantly questioning other members of his group as to whether it was Friday; many others speculate whether this has something to do with his religion.

35. ‘1’ Tattoo

The number 1 tattoo is next to the fingers crossed tattoo.

36. ‘6’ Tattoo

The number 6 tattoo is inked on his right arm, on the left of his microphone tattoo.

37. ‘5’ Tattoo

The number 5 is tattooed next to his microphone tattoo.

38. Another ‘6’ Tattoo

Another number 6 tattoo is inked on this right arm and is on the right side of his microphone tattoo.

39. Another ‘1’ Tattoo

Yet another Number 1 tattoo is on his right arm below his fingers crossed tattoo.

40. Yet Another ‘6’ Tattoo

Yet another number 6 is tattooed nice and big on his right arm. Although many people assumed that these Zayn Malik Tattoos were the sign of the devil ‘666’, it is in fact, the audition numbers given to him on the X-Factor ‘1-6-5-6-1-6’.

41. ZAP tattoo

ZAP is tattooed in a cartoon style on Zayn’s right arm. Although many people believed that this tattoo was inspired by ‘Zayn and Perrie’, Zayn soon put those doubts to sleep by stating that it was just a symbol of his love for comics.

42. Quote Tattoo

Zayn has ‘Be true to who you are’ in Arabic tattooed on his left collarbone.

43. Microphone Tattoo

A big microphone with its cord is tattooed on Zayn’s right arm. In addition to this, there is a big ink splatter at the bottom of it!

44. Fingers Crossed Tattoo

This one is inked on his right arm. It is a symbol of luck to Zayn!

45. Small Puzzle Piece

A small puzzle piece is tattooed on his right arm close to the elbow. After much speculation, we came to the conclusion that this is a matching tattoo that he shares with his best friend Anthony Riach.

46. Fantail Bird

Zayn has a New Zealand fantail bird tattooed on the back of his neck extending to the upper back.

47. Grandfather’s Name Tattoo

Yet another tattoo in Arabic! But, this Zayn Malik Tattoos is his Grandfather’s name which is tattooed on his chest.

48. Playing Card Tattoo

Zayn has the playing card with a crown and his initials tattooed on his ribcage.

49. Japanese Tattoo

A Japanese symbol for ‘born lucky’ is tattooed on his waist.

50. Filled in Heart Tattoo

This one is covering the earlier Japanese tattoo. Although we aren’t sure why he covered this tattoo, it is rumored that Zayn Malik has found enough luck in his life now with his crossed fingers tattoo!

51. Lyrics Tattoo

Lyrics Tattoo

Lastly, the Zayn Malik Tattoos of a black and white tattoo of the lyrics ‘Don’t Think I Won’t’, from the song by Mark Wills, is tattooed on Zayn’s left hip. Although many believed it to be just a statement from him, others believe that it was a dedication to his ex-fiance Perrie Edwards.