Be it for interviews or other workplace events, a pantsuit for women can be a very flattering apparel on a lady if worn appropriately. Suits empower you and give your acquaintances that great first impression you’ve always been hoping for. A well-suited woman emanates power, authority, confidence and a feeling of being well-coordinated and at ease with herself. They’re very comfortable to wear as well. Every working woman ought to have a well-functioning wardrobe of pantsuit for women for various occasions.

An ill-founded misconception exists, that all professional attire is dull, boring and unimaginative. But in today’s fashion market, a lot of styles, colors, and patterns are available, that can make you the boss of the fashion world in one quick ‘suit’ motion.

Use our exclusive guide to find the perfect pantsuit for women today!

Pantsuit For Women

1. The Basics

Firstly, a basic pantsuit for women consists of a pair of pants, a jacket and a blouse underneath. It is extremely important for your suit to fit perfectly – not too loose, and not too tight. A loose, baggy suit gives others the impression that you are uninterested and lazy, while a tight, body-hugging monstrosity will appear crass and unprofessional.

Avoid transparent fabric for womens pantsuit sets. Your underwear must not show through under any circumstances. Whip out that measuring tape and measure your body in these five key areas – chest, waist, hips, sleeve length and pant inseam. The fabric is very important – opt for merino wool or triple stretched matted micro-fiber.

2. Jacket

Your jacket must compulsorily be well-fit. Flared jackets can be worn by women with hourglass or inverted triangle body shapes, as they give the illusion of an hourglass figure, which is well concealed as well. They flare out at the hip and look flattering. Women with apple or pear shaped bodies can opt for straight-cut jackets, which conceal curves and look professional.

Also, jackets can have no buttons, one, two or three buttons, depending on the occasion. No button suits are more like blazers and are appropriate only for casual occasions. Three button jackets are the most formal, as the blouse underneath is not revealed. Two and one button jackets are successively less formal and are worn for general or casual occasions. Remember to pay special attention to the blouse if you opt for open jackets.

3. Pants

The cut of your pants can be straight, flared or wide leg. Straight cut pants for pantsuits for women are the most professional and formal. They are a must at traditional events. Flared pants balloon out from the knees, and can be worn for general or casual events. Wide leg pants get looser as they go down on your legs, and are an apt choice for women whose strong points are not their legs. Such pants hide shaping flaws and look professional. But do not wear such pants for traditional, formal occasions. Casual suits can be greatly experimental, with billowy, balloon-cut pants, jackets in various pop colors, and the like to give a whole women pantsuits dressy effect!

4. Blouse

Your blouse can be made of 2-ply weave, linen or a densely woven triple stretch microfiber. Your undergarments must never show through. Stay away from plunging necklines; opt for a pointed or a spread collar with high closure. 3/4th sleeves or long sleeves work well. You can opt for demure, matte shades of white, blue, melon, coral, pink or lavender.

5. Color

The color of your pantsuit for women depends on the occasion. There are three types of styles, namely traditional, general and casual. Traditional business suits must be gray, black, navy, burgundy or brown, with a matching jacket and pants. Pin striping is acceptable here. Remember that the suit must be well-fit, well-pressed and demure. Avoid flashy colors. Casual business suits can afford to be more fashion-forward, with brighter yet matte colors, different colors for the jacket and pants, and variations of patterns.

6. Accessories

Your accessories must be as minimal as possible. An elegant watch, preferably gold or chrome, goes very well with the professional, classy look you’re going for. Wedding rings also add charm to your fingers.

Go for understated jewelry – pearls, small diamonds or Swarovski, platinum, white gold, rose gold – eclectic tastes are in. Avoid flashy, chunky accessories.

Small, graceful studs add beauty to your ears. Thin bracelets and necklaces with small, elegant pendants go very well with demure suits. Don’t wear more than one ring per hand.

Carry a small briefcase or purse for your supplies. The color of your briefcase must compliment your attire; stick to colors like black or brown which will go with any color. If you want to stand out, you can opt for pastel colors on your suitcase, but don’t go overboard and neon with it. Avoid vinyl and silk purses. Your purse and belt look best if they are the same leather as your shoes. Avoid flashy buckles for belts; go with the same scheme as your jewelry.

You can experiment with larger jewelry for casual occasions, but keep in mind the color and style of your suit.

7. Hair

Your hair definitely needs to be washed and cared for properly, especially in a professional setting. A comfortable, messy bun with strands that frame your face works as perfectly as a high, sleek pony. Small, straight bobs are also in, as they are easy to maintain. Bangs are also acceptable but do not go for elaborate hairstyles. Avoid loose hair unless your hair is perfectly silky and tame. Untamed, erratic hair is usually frowned upon.

8. Makeup

Minimalism is the word for you. Invest in foundation and concealer to hide untoward blemishes. Nude is in. Nude lips, or lips in varying shades of coral and pink go very well with the au naturel you’re going for. Your eyes should not be overly dramatic, but mascara, liner and matte shadow are acceptable. Groom yourself well. Do not paint your eyebrows in, but keep them in shape. Too much makeup takes a long time to apply, so keep that in mind as you fix your beauty regime every day.

9. Nails

The state of your nails is extremely important as a handshake is the first thing that you would do when you meet your clients or associates. A professional manicure might come in handy here. Avoid flashy nail art; stick to neutral, natural shades of nude, blush, and white. French manicures look good but take care to see that your nails aren’t too sharp. Trimmed nails are better in this case. Keep the cuticles well-managed and maintain good hygiene. Always check for dirt under your nails, and clean, clean, clean!

10. Shoes

Finally, leather closed toe shoes go best with the professional look. Avoid sneakers with a vengeance. Stick to pumps with a maximum 1 ½” heel, of leather. Black or brown shoes go well with any color and can be rotated through the week. While wearing leather, it is important to store them properly, to keep the leather from rotting. Choose shoes with soft, padded insoles, for added comfort. Keep your shoes shiny and polished.

Women in power today opt for pantsuits for women in various ways. Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Sandra Bullock (from The Proposal) are icons you should look up to when it comes to power dressing. Choosing the perfect suit for you does take time and effort, but the results are definitely worth it!