Power of Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly has been most commonly used as a lubricant or to soften dry skin but, did you know there are so many more resourceful elements that this tiny, non-expensive product has?

Here are a few less common uses of petroleum jelly:

1. Eyebrow Plucking

Placing a little jelly along your brow helps soften the hair and makes it less painful and a lot easier to pull the hair out.

2. Cuticle Care

Petroleum jelly is the perfect cuticle treatment. It keeps it soft and supple. It is also perfect for keeping the nail polish off your skin when you are getting a manicure or pedicure done.

3. Soft Feet

Rubbing petroleum jelly over the feet every night before you sleep helps heal cracked heels and gives you soft feet.

4. Longer Lashes

Do you have thin, small eyelashes? Use an old mascara brush to apply a coat of petroleum jelly on your lashes every night before you sleep and wash it off in the morning. This will give you long, luscious lashes.

5. Wrinkles

Wrinkle remedies are full and plenty but, I’ve found petroleum jelly to have the most effect. Not only does it reduce wrinkles, giving you a younger look but, it also helps reduce stretch marks.

6. Split Ends

While it may not heal split ends over night, it is an easy go-to products in order to hide split ends. Just rub a little on your hair, specifically near your tips, in order to give the appearance of no split ends. It is also perfect for an itchy scalp.

7. Hair Dye Stains

Ever dyed your own hair and found it to be of less natural effect during the first few days due to hair dye stains running down your forehead or on your ears? Here’s an easy hack – place petroleum jelly over your forehead, ears and back of the neck before applying the dye, to prevent the dye from sticking on the skin.

8. Makeup Remover

Petroleum jelly is a perfect makeup remover not just for your face but also for your clothes. That’s right! Remember that lipstick stain on your shirt? Just place a dab of petroleum jelly on it and throw it in the machine and ta-da! As good as new!

9. Shampoo Free Eyes

No, your eyes do not deceive you mummies! Just take some jelly and draw a line over the brows of your little one. The shampoo will automatically take a detour and head down the side of the face, completely avoiding the eyes. *Just like magic!*

10. Athlete’s Foot

The petroleum jelly helps suffocate the foot so that it does not sweat more than required, keeping the foot soft and dry and in turn, prevents any fungus from developing.

11. Sore Nose

Save your nose from getting dry, red and sore when you have a cold and your nose just refuses to stop running, by rubbing some petroleum jelly on it. It softens the skin and doesn’t leave it feeling dry.

If you are feeling a little adventurous and would like to go ahead and make your very own natural petroleum jelly at home instead of using a store bought jar then, here is the perfect DIY Petroleum Jelly recipe:

Here’s what you will need

1/4 cup Olive Oil
1/4 cup Coconut Oil
2 Tbsp Beeswax

How to make it

1. Take a pan of hot water and place on the stove with another small bowl inside.
2. Once the water has begun to heat up, add the oils and wax to it, until the wax melts completely.
3. Remove from the stove and allow to cool, stirring it regularly until it becomes thick.
4. Store in a small container with a lid.

There you have it! The various uses of petroleum jelly, with a bonus recipe!