Tattoos for Men

While women are more emotionally involved in the whole tattooing process, tattoos for men are a whole different deal altogether. Men’s tattoos are more complex and more often have special significance attached to them while having to stick to cool tattoo ideas. The best tattoos for men ever do not come from a specific set of designs but are terrifyingly numerous if you sat down to count them. Some of the best tattoos ever come from flash tattoo designs.

Body art is seemingly the most lasting impression you can leave on someone, other than yourself. Some call it a means of self-expression while for some it is a mere act of peer pressure. Nevertheless, tattoos today are adorned with much elan.

There are countless tattoo ideas that can translate to be the best tattoo designs for men. Here are some ways you can indulge in this body art:

  1. Our favorite is the minimalist. Small tattoo ideas for men are the best and are easily one of the most popular male tattoos. They are usually a couple of inches in length and can be anything from name tattoos to simple tattoo designs like a monogram. Small tattoo designs can also be easily picked up from tattoo design websites.
  2. One of the most popular men’s tattoo ideas is the tattoo sleeve. The internet is full of full tattoo sleeve ideas and half sleeve tattoo designs. One can be inspired by tribal tattoo ideas or the tribal arm tattoos for men to create the perfect tattoo sleeve.
  3. A mighty popular type of tattoo art designs is the body tattoo designs.
  4. One can also opt for simple tattoo designs that are inspired from simple elements. For example, tattoo lettering design is the new thing where a simple text becomes the top tattoo designs of your choice.

Tattoo Designs for Men

There are a lot of new and coming variations and trends as far male tattoo designs are concerned. If we had to break down the best and the latest tattoo design for man, we could fill volumes. Of all the types of amazing tattoo for men and new tattoo designs for men, these are our absolute favorites.

1. Tattoo Sleeves

Tattoo sleeves are the most common and the most in rage with men. We talked a good deal about it earlier and they sure are a crowd favorite. Pop sensation, Justin Bieber full sleeve tattoo

If all you want is to get inked for a reason and you have an idea formed in your head, in all probability you will want to go for a wrist tattoo. It is minimal and fully visible. One popular wrist tattoo designs is a monogram or a star.

3. Shoulder Tattoos

features a various amount of smaller tattoos.

2. Wrist Tattoos

If you are a man of muscle, then most certainly a shoulder tattoo is where you will like to get inked. Shows off that tough bod you worked on.

4. Skull Tattoos

Nothing says badass than a skull tattoo. We agree it is old school but it makes for the best cool first tattoos for guys. Skull tattoo designs are one of the most sought after designs among men.

5. Foot Tattoos

Some of the best tattoos for guys need not be strategically placed on the upper body, like this foot tattoo. Although tattoos on the foot are painful, many brave men have actually gone ahead with this design.

6. Tiger Tattoo Designs

A roaring tiger tattoo is perfect to create a good arm tattoo design. The tiger is said to be a symbol of power and strength.

7. Lion Tattoo

Same goes for the lion. Like the tiger, it makes for a good arm tattoo. It also symbolizes a sense of royalty and pride.

8. Maori  Tattoo Designs

The original Maori tattoos are mainly attempted by men. They are also known as ‘tohunga ta moko’ which means moko specialist. These tattoos are originally done on the face.

9. Wolf Tattoo Designs

The wolf tattoo is the perfect design for a man who is protective or also generally known as family man.

10. Flame Tattoos

A flame tattoo can either be a message of positivity or destruction, based on its design.

11. Cover Up Tattoo

You can cover up an older tattoo

with something you want and it is very doable. One popular designs you can use as a cover up tattoo are music tattoo designs.

12. Native American Tattoos

Right now, native American designs make for some of the top tattoos for men. These tattoos have specific meanings connected deep in the history of the Native Americans.

13. Army Tattoos

Forearm tattoo designs are the best to create a tattoo design circling around the army theme. Quite often these tattoos are symbols of patriotism.

14. Upper Back Tattoos for Men

Aztec tattoo designs or Polynesian tattoo designs are perfect for the upper back as it provides a great canvas for an elaborate tattoo. You can also experiment with 3d tattoo designs.

Many male celebrities are now sporting various tattoos that contain some significance to them. Former One Direction member, Zayn Malik tattoos

are currently 51 in number, ranging from a minimalist tattoo to a full tattoo sleeve.

Tattoo Artists for Men

Tattoo artists are magicians in the true sense of the word. The most famous tattoo artists are not the ones who are good with impeccable designs, they are the top tattoo artists because of their ability to translate a person’s vision into an unforgettable tattoo.

When trying to find a good tattoo artist, do not just go by the information that directs you the ‘tattoo shops near me’. Choose quality over convenience. You can also try your hand at finding a tattoo designer online but make sure he is known to design good tattoos for guys and do your research well before zeroing in on anybody.

Some amazing design tattoo artists are Scott Campbell, Corey Divine, Keith bang bang Mccurdy, Dr Woo, and Susanne Kinog. You can follow their extraordinary work on Instagram.

The most amazing tattoos for men are conceptualized in the artist’s’ head even before it is put on paper. Nowadays, men are going for offbeat design choices for their tattoos like the Celtic tattoos designs or even Japanese tattoo designs as opposed to the more popular Chinese tattoos (although Chinese dragon tattoo designs are still one of the most sought after design choices for popular tattoos for men).

Portraits are also a very popular choice for tattoo sketches for men. A portrait tattoo artist is more an artist than a designer and so you have to choose your artist wisely.

When it is about cool tattoos for boys in general and cool tattoos for men in particular, tribal tattoo designs for men are the way to go. They are undoubtedly unique tattoos for men.

Create Your Own Tattoo

If you do not feel satisfied with any of the above inspiration ideas for cool tattoos for guys, you can choose to get creative and make your own. Log on to a tattoo website and create your own tattoo design. You can also get free tattoo stencils online which have a generic design.