Everybody knows exercise is crucial for keeping not just a healthy, but beautiful body as well. But everybody also knows that results don’t happen over a single night. You need to dedicate yourself over a course of months and longer until you start seeing the first results of your hard work. This can be discouraging for many people, especially if you’re running on a tight schedule and you only have a couple of precious minutes per day to dedicate to daily fitness.

To help you stay motivated and continue working out, we gathered up 3 unique apps that can help you track progress over the course of time. What’s great about tracking time of your workout is that you can check the results in numbers. This way it becomes much easier to realize you’re actually moving somewhere even though you can’t feel it (yet!).

We initially stumbled upon this neat list of time tracker apps you can use for anything in your life to keep the momentum going. After that, to our pleasant surprise, we realized there are specialized apps for a workout as well. If you want to check the complete list we used, we’ll share the link.
As said, there are many different apps depending on what you want to track, but here, we’ll focus on exercising and keeping your body healthy.

8 fit Workouts & Meal Planner – For Busy People

If you’re one of those people who spend most of their time at work and doesn’t have the time to hit a gym, this app might be a solution to your problems. The app has a great library of body workouts that don’t require equipment and depend solely on your body weight. This means that all you need is yoga math and you’re good to go. Alongside with a user-friendly meal planner, you can keep track both of your fitness and diet if you wish so. The trackers provide all the basic information like how much calories you burned, how long did you workout per day and most importantly, what are the results of you doing this. Finally, you can simply check the numbers on a weekly or monthly basis so you get a great overview of everything you did. This way, you can actually feel that you’re doing something instead of aimlessly doing push-ups without knowing if it amounts to anything.

Although the app has the option to share progress with friends, this one is more for the “lone wolves”. It definitely gets the workout job done, but as far as socializing with friends you might have that also are working out, this isn’t the best choice. But in reality, this likely isn’t important to many people and as far as the main function of keeping an close eye on your progress goes, this app is perfect.

Daily Yoga – For Yoga Fans

While some people enjoy classic exercising like running or ab-focused exercise, others simply want to keep their body in shape and healthy. If you’re a fan of yoga and you want to know what your daily yoga exercise surmounts to, you might want to check this one. You start by selecting a yoga program so you don’t have to randomly picking poses. In yoga, it’s all about the flow and syncing poses can bring in much better results instead of doing it randomly. We didn’t count them all, but there are 40 to 50 classes focusing on different body parts, so you can rest assured you’ll find what you’re looking for. The final beauty lies in the ability to track back your previous workout in case you want to check how you’re doing or if you want to recap some of the previous ones. It’s easy to go back and forth without getting lost, allowing you to keep your long-running yoga exercising under control and organized.

Although like with every app, there needs to be a difference between the free and paid version, the difference here might be slightly too much. Meaning, the free-version UI is slightly confusing, especially when you initially start using the app and you want to get into exercising straight away. Besides that, it’s a great resource for anyone who wants to start doing yoga – beginners and professionals alike.

Hours Tracker – For Professional Workout/Yoga Instructors

The final one is a bit different as it’s not precisely a workout app, but a work tracker. Like in other businesses, many fitness instructors have to track their time, especially if they are promoting their business online and want to reach to more people. HourTracker is a great way to keep an eye on your professional work without getting lost in paperwork. You just tap a single button and the app start tracking everything that’s important for you and sums up when you press stop. No matter if you’re writing for a fitness magazine or you’re holding workout seminars or classes, it’s easy to track your work and create weekly rundowns of everything you did.

If instead of running a small solo venture, you have a somewhat larger fitness business, this one might be a bit limiting. It’s definitely oriented for small ventures and as long as your work doesn’t sum up to having dozens of employers and so on, the app is golden and will fill out its role just fine.


Whatever we do in life, progress is crucial. From working out to leading a fitness business, if you don’t update what you’re doing, it’s impossible to know if you’re moving forward or backward. So instead of manually counting and writing down on a piece of paper, apps like these can make everything easier and actually, more enjoyable.

We hope you’ll find them useful and feel free to let us know which ones you like and which ones you didn’t like. Plus, if you have any further suggestions, be sure to let us know. Thank you for reading.