SFaux leather is one of the most delicate materials in the furniture industry. Real leather is not only rare but also insanely expensive. Unlike genuine leather, though, it lasts much longer and can withstand quite some damage before breaking.

When used to make furniture, it becomes exposed to a lot of factors that can damage it in a very short while. When cleaned improperly, it can weaken and get scratches or tear very easily. It is therefore essential to know how to clean in the right way to maintain its useful life. Here,s a short guide on how to clean faux leather stools and baby furniture:


The cleaning agent you use on faux leather determines how well it is cleaned as well as how long it lasts after that. For instance, you may clean a baby rocking chair with a strong antiseptic that will disinfect it but also weaken it. It is, therefore, essential to get a certified professional cleaner or make a gentle solution at home. Here’s a list of what you might need to clean the stools and other furniture:

  • Dry soft sponge
  • Microfiber and non-abrasive dry cloths
  • Paper towels
  • Baby oil
  • A few liters of warm water (depends on how much leather you’ll be cleaning)
  • Cleaning liquid.


This is important because some of the cleaning materials you may be planning to use could be corrosive or could damage the leather in another way. Just apply a small amount of each chemical to the clothes and gently wipe a small part of the furniture. If you don’t see any immediate effect, wait until it dries up and check again. If there still isn’t any significant change, go ahead and start cleaning up. Testing is essential, especially for the cleaner you intend to use.

Check the manufacturer’s specifications before using it. Usually, they will advise the correct amount to use as well as any effects you should expect.


Mix the warm water with the right proportion of the cleaning agent. Next, dip the non-abrasive cloth in and wring out the water until it is moist enough. Wipe the leather gently and be careful that your nails or jewelry doesn’t scratch it in the process. Afterward, wipe over it with the micro-fiber cloth to dry it. Do this gently too.

If you are cleaning baby furniture, you could apply some disinfectant on another dry cloth and wipe gently all over. Remember, however, to test this before using it. Some of the faux leather kitchen stools online merchants offer advice on how to clean them and what products to use. Be sure to check that out.


Apply the baby oil to your faux leather to keep it as smooth as a baby’s skin. This is a smart trick because it also reduces the chances of the leather getting scratches and discoloration. Before application, however, wipe the stool clean to remove any present layer of dust. Let the seat dry naturally.