Collagen is not only available in the form of supplements but also comes in the powdered form. It comes from that same collagen that is present in one’s cartilage, bones, and skin. It is pure protein which is absorbed quickly in the digestive tract or the body. It is mostly made from the bones of the beef. Collagen being the utmost abundant protein present in the body offers a plethora of health benefits. It makes up about 70% protein in one’s skin and 30% in their body. It helps in adding structure to the tendons, ligaments, bones, nails, and skin all through the body.

During young age, one’s body will not face any issues of producing collagen that makes the skin firm and plump thereby giving density to the bones and flexibility to the joints. But as one begins to age, their body tends to lose its ability to produce collagen easily resulting in wrinkles and fine lines, one develops bone loss, and joint pain and their hair begins to lose shine and bounce.  Collagen akin to all proteins contains amino acids. Why is it regarded as an immensely valuable and vital protein? That is because it contains massive amounts of amino acids which include hydroxyproline, glycine, and proline thereby making it a strong protein.

Broad Classification

Collagen powder is broadly classified into two forms- collagen peptides and collagen protein. No matter which one you choose – each is equally rewarding. It will work wonders for digestive health, skin, and bone. The powdered form of collagen is beneficial for improving the quality of sleep and also for gut health. As a whole, it is easy to digest as well as retains the nutrients.

Ways to Use Collagen Powder

You can use it as a substitute for gelatin. Its gel-like consistency works perfectly while making desserts and breakfast. Collagen peptides ( buy peptides online) can be mixed with cold liquids as it works perfectly for making things such as soups and smoothies. The powdered form of collagen will quickly dissolve in just any liquid, cold or hot. With regards to taste, it barely has any at all which means one can mix it in water, tea or cold drinks. Rather than using a protein powder one can use this powder as a substitute while preparing smoothies. The best part of this powder will not gel up when mixed with a liquid. When it comes to the recommended amount of taking this powder, well it is generally 2 teaspoons daily dissolved in liquid.

The Abundant Benefits

After one crosses the age of 25, the ability of their body in repairing cartilage and tissue begins to diminish. It includes everything from nails, skin, hair, joints and more. In fact, the intake of collagen powder of a good brand can help in,

  • Healing injuries
  • Lubricating joints
  • Improving digestion
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Building connective tissues
  • Supporting hormone balance
  • Regulating the metabolism of the body
  • Promoting younger looking, healthier and stronger skin, nails and hair

The bottom line is when one increases their collagen consumption they can right away augment the health of their hair, nails, gut, skin, and joints. So start taking it right away.