Colored Lipstick

It is time you take your favorite lipsticks, the pinks, the reds and the browns, and shove them in the depths of your wardrobe because they are now old school. Be the trendsetter and dive into the world of colored lipstick. We are not just talking about the tangerines and the plum shades. We are hinting at off-beat colors like blue and green and gray.

It might sound absurd, crazy even but hear us out. The style game is being upped every second as we sit idly by. There is a new trend that is set every day and it is essential we keep up with it.

But wait, being bold and experimental with makeup choices does not mean you compromise on your personal style statement. There is a way you can create your own look with bold lipstick choices. Let us help you with how to do that.

Colored Lipstick Shades

1. Blue Lipstick

Think blue, think electric shades like a cobalt blue or a blueberry shade. Perhaps the most popular of colored lipstick trend is the blue toned ones. Ths color is a more suitable lipstick for fair skin complexion. You will pull off a blue lipstick like a pro. Although we are avoiding the powder blue shades on the lipstick at all times!

2. Green Lipstick

Move over Halloween makeup, green is here to take over the main stage. This color is tricky to pull off but a careful choice will make you nothing short of a showstopper. Women with a slightly duskier skin tone can carry off greens like a breeze.

3. Black Lipstick

Think Goth, think Black. Black lipsticks are in face the easiest to pull off, being that women of all skin tones being able to wear them.

Black matte lipstick is super hot right now!

4. Purple Lipstick

We are not talking Plum shades. We are talking full blown violet, rainbow violet. This is one color from the lipstick family that is unconventional yet looks very routine once worn. One of those rare lipstick shades that can be worn even in the day.

5. Gray Lipstick

Dressing up for work, if you decide you are going to slay it with makeup today, then the gray colored lipstick is your perfect companion. It has the seriousness close to the black and the playful vibrancy of an offbeat color. Add a touch of metallic shimmer to it with a little help from eyelash glue, and you have yourself a silver long lasting lipstick.

6. Gold Lipstick

The newest fad among makeup enthusiasts is the shimmery gold lipstick. With major brands going all out to launch their range of all-gold lipsticks, we can comfortably say that the color is here to stay. It can be pulled off by women of any skin tone.

Tips On How To Wear It

  1. It is essential to make sure you wear these lipsticks with the least face makeup because you do not want your face to look overdone.
  2. Also, wearing colored lipstick will be a perfect choice to do for evenings. In the morning, the color overpowers the entire look.
  3. Choose lipsticks with a metallic formulation if you want them glossy or simply go matte.
  4. ALWAYS use a lip liner and a concealer around the lips after you have applied the lipstick. It will prevent the lipstick from bleeding and gives you lipstick that stays on
  5. Keep your skin tone and texture in mind while choosing an unconventional color.

Last but definitely not the least, own your colored lipstick with self-confidence. Go on girl, make a statement!