If you’re the parent of a teenager, you’ll probably have firsthand experience with the amount of time they spend in their bedrooms. The perfect teen bedroom is one that allows this time to divided productively between their rest, social lives, and work, without them feeling like they’re dealing with a loss of creative expression. 

Before you let yourself get carried away with bedroom decor ideas for your teen, it can be a fun and significant step getting them involved in your decision-making process. Not only does this give your teens a feeling of investment into their rooms, but it also encourages them to look after their space in a way that respects the time it took to create. 

Here are our top tips for the perfect teen bedroom, one you and your child alike can feel good about. 

#1 Understand how to create comfort for your teen

Teenagers have been proven to require more sleep than adults, and this is because our adolescence is a vital time during which the brain develops, and processes new information. Looking into the various mattress dimensions available for growing children will be important in securing their comfort through this time. 

Since teenagers have largely interruptive sleep cycles, it is important to invest in their comfort. Memory foam mattresses are a popular choice as the best mattress you can find for growing children – this is really due to their versatility. The balance between comfort and support in a memory foam mattress can make a significant difference in the quality of rest your teenager gets through the night. 

The best mattress companies also have sleep trials, which allow your teen to be able to test out their new memory foam mattress and check if the comfort suits them and their unique needs through the night. If you’re working with a smaller space, look for mattress dimensions that can adapt to these – if you’re using the top-rated mattress possible for your teenager, size isn’t really as important as the material and make of these products.

#2 Teen bedrooms that grow as your child does

One of the more challenging aspects of collecting bedroom furniture suitable for a teen bedroom is accounting for a taste that is constantly fluctuating. We can all remember how quickly we’d switch tastes growing up, so pandering to a certain preference or fad your teen may be experiencing might be unwise for the longterm of their bedroom. 

Investing in a few key basics when it comes to bedroom furniture will help you switch out your rotating cast of pieces a little easier. This includes mattress covers and a basic but high-quality bed frame that suit the mattress dimensions you’ve opted for your teen’s room. 

You’ll also require additional bedroom furniture that you can use to add function to any teen bedroom. Pieces such as a nightstand can provide basic utility in the form of storage while also remain quite modern in their style so that you’re not worrying about having to swap things out constantly 

A desk they can use as a workspace and a bookshelf or area for them to engage in the more creative activity are other options for you to be able to execute a teen room even you could be proud of. 

#3 Investing in sleep accessories so your teenager is well-rested

A cranky teen is pretty much universally feared. Jokes aside, it is really in your best interest to get your teenager into the practice of a healthy sleep hygiene practice so that they can understand the importance of sleep firsthand. 

This means investing in the best mattress you can find for them, but also making sure that all additional sleep accessories you’re investing in are really ticking all boxes when it comes to comfort. Weighted blankets have gained a lot of popularity in the recent past for being a particularly effective tool for those looking to improve their sleep cycles. 

Weighted blankets work by using something called gentle pressure stimulation to evenly distribute a set amount of weight across the body, which helps to mimic the sensation of being swaddled or embraced. This can lead to fewer interruptions through the night, a higher quality rest period, and sleep that can potentially compete with the best mattresses out there. 

Whether it comes in the form of investing in the best mattress you can find, or simply looking into various bedroom furniture that can help create a truly functional and cozy teen bedroom, your options when it comes to decorating a great teen bedroom are truly endless.

Here’s a quick recap for our highlights: 

  • Finding the best mattress you can for your teenager will improve their relationship to sleep, and help them achieve a more balanced sense of wellbeing. Looking into various mattress dimensions for your teen bedroom is important so that you know what can work functionally within the space you have. 
  • Always start with the basics, since tastes can fluctuate pretty erratically with teenagers. Investing in a good nightstand, closet, bookcase, and making sure the styles of these can suit a wide variety of phases will serve you well in the future. 
  • Prioritize helping your teen build healthy sleep hygiene habits. This doesn’t just end at finding them the best mattress you can for their sleep, but also sleep accessories such as weighted blankets, night lights, and setting the example of a healthy night routine for them to implement and follow. 

At the end of the day, your teenager learns best through observation, so setting a gentle reminder of how healthy sleep contributes to your own wellbeing and making an example of comfort within your home will help them emulate these values more productively. While they can be a creative challenge at first, teen bedrooms really are a lot of fun to set up, so don’t get too bogged down by particulars when you’re setting one up. Follow these tips, and you’ll be left with a teen bedroom even you find yourself jealous of.