Anti-Gravity Fashion!

Sometimes, you end up feeling that you’re not being adventurous or daring enough. The bug of being fashion forward and exhibiting art nouveau gets to you. Well, look no further as we bring to you a happening trend – anti-gravity heelless shoes! Let your heels float in mid-air as you strut about town in these amazing creations!

Although they seem physically impossible to walk in, fret not. Go through our guide on how to walk in them, the ‘who’s who’ of the heelless shoes business and everything you need to know about this post-modern creation! Wear some art on your feet and be sure to turn heads your way, as you make a statement with your shoes.

How Do Heelless Shoes Work?

The concept is very simple – shoes without heels! The usual space occupied by an integral part of a tall shoe is left blank, with innovative nips and tucks to balance the weight of the body on the petite creation. There are variants of heelless shoes with traditional Japanese styles that entirely rely on the weight of the sole to balance the heel, or modern variants with spikes, embellishments, stones, sparkles and patterns galore.

Who Is Making Them?

The early trends started with former Spice Girl and momma of the Beckham brood, Victoria Beckham rocking a pair of 5 ½ inch Antonio Berardi thigh high latex boots, which looked impossible to walk in, way back in 2008. She looked effortlessly at ease then. The man behind the recent fad is Noritaka Tatehana, who first came to the limelight with none other than the fashion vixen Lady Gaga first strutted his ten-inch creation in 2010.

He combines a traditional form of Japanese Kan Pokkuri and modern trends, as he makes Geisha-inspired art with sequins, stones, leather and various other materials. His creations are available upwards of $2500 on his website.

Other luxury and medium priced brands jumped in, with art exhibits and ramps being filled with these creations. There are also options available that are easy on the pocket, available on eBay for as less as $11.50, with brands like Jeffrey Campbell and the ever-appealing Mary Janes.

Why Do You Need Them?

Everyone needs a little variety in life. Your fashion speaks about your personality and leaves a mark on whoever you set eyes on. What better way to draw attention and awe than to pull off some magic in the way you walk?

These heels are specially designed to add a lot of height to your stature – a few extra inches never did hurt anyone. Your entire outfit can be drab and demure, and BAM! There’s a great statement with these specialty heels!

These babies come in a variety of styles and patterns – there are matte and embellishments in equal measure. Make your feet the center of attraction, and go easy on the rest of your outfit.

In today’s sense, going big and bold is always fashionable. Remain fresh on everyone’s minds as you look and feel good in these stunning creations. Surreal is the new real!

How Are They Structured?

The shoes are graceful and also have a ballerina-like aura about them, says designer Antonio Berardi. The physical structure of a heel is actually unnecessary, as the feeling and the comfort are more psychological, at least for a short period of time.

This shoe helps increase your confidence as it enables you to stand and walk straight without leaning towards the back. They are perfectly balanced and there is a fine science to the whole thing.

The actual shoe has a broad, solid platform sole which stretches back than conventional shoes, thereby providing extra support to the arch of the foot. The main focus here is on the sole, as the toe must be placed before the heel when you walk.

How To Walk In Them

The basic concept is simple. A lot of the technique depends on the type of shoe you’ve chosen, as the angle of the arch can be very steep or shallow. We recommend that you start off with a comfortable angle and not steep toppers; platforms are your best bet. The first step is to learn to shift your weight from the heel of your foot to the front – the ball. This is to compensate the loss of the central support at the back. Some shoes come with added support at the base that extends horizontally from the base and helps the shoe stand.

Remember to take short, narrow steps. Heel-less heels aren’t meant for sprinting; take your time with them. Your gait is very important – walk straight, with one foot in front of the other and your toes pointing forward. Your posture must be poised – shoulders straight and relaxed, chin held up and tummy in. Think of it like you’re practicing for the ballet while learning to walk in heelless shoes!

What Are The Cons?

A lot of experts and doctors agree that wearing mere heels aren’t good for the foot. A shoe without the rooting support of a heel faces the same jarring issue, with consumers and experts arguing alike that it exerts unnatural pressure on the sole, and changes the gait and posture of the wearer.

We advise you to not wear heelless shoes for a long time – statements remain memorable and timeless only if worn during the right time. As it is with every style, do not abuse a trend until it becomes boring.

Although manufacturers claim that it would take considerable effort to actually fall from these tall shoes, a small misstep can send you downhill. Practice walking in stilettos before you try your hand at these creations. Keep someone with you to hold on to, just in case.

We do not recommend shoes like these for crazy night outs and parties, as chances of falling are quite high. These shoes are perfect for carpets and elegant affairs, or occasions that don’t involve a lot of rough movement, on other days opt for some comfortable wedges or flats.

If you’re looking for a sporty pair, you can always opt for a pair of customized shoes or heelless running shoes!

Try these heelless shoes out and see if they are for you. Go out on a limb today and try something new. Who said defying gravity is only for astronauts?