Magic of Beautiful Glowing Skin

Ever felt low simply because your skin felt oily or dry? Ever wanted to feel that special glow in your skin? While it may seem like there is no solution to your never ending problem of dull skin, there is a perfect solution to this issue. The magic of glowing skin is no big secret but, it is often ignored and pushed aside because people believe that it might take to long to obtain perfection. Therefore I have come up with the perfect solution of how to get that Perfect, Beautiful Glowing Skin within 1 week

We have an easy method to solve all your problems through this 7 Day plan:

Day 1

Woman with Glowing Skin


First of all, follow this exfoliation method every single day for one week and don’t worry too much because it is a very simple three step method!

Step 1 : Cleansing can be done with the help of a foam base or a liquid face wash. This will ensure that all the external dust is washed off.

Step 2 : After this use a good toner after this to ensure all the dust particles and excess dirt is removed from your skin.

Step 3 : Moisturize by using a light cream to make sure your skin is hydrated and doesn’t get dry.

Day 2

Skincare Routine Steps

Include fruits and vegetables in your diet to help give your skin all the needed vitamins and minerals.

Remember to never sleep with makeup on as it might lead to breakouts, rather use a makeup remover to get rid of any makeup on your skin before you sleep.

Day 3

Radiant Complexion Transformation

Use a scrubber to get rid of all the dead skin, while you soak in warm water.

Make sure you do not step out in the sun without sunscreen as this may lead to patchiness or tanning. Add Fullers Earth mask to your routine to ensure that your skin remains relaxed and pampered.

Day 4

7-Day Beauty Challenge

Continue following your daily routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing so that your skin remains clean and fresh.

In addition, get your pores to open to ensure a further well cleaned face. Quite often due to pollution and dust hanging in the hair, your pores get clogged and blackheads begin to form. Give your face a good hot steam and then apply rose water all over it to cool it down.

Day 5

Healthy Skin Tips


Make sure that there is proper blood flow in your face by massaging a good aloe vera gel or a nice face cream on it. As a result of using a massage therapy motion, the blood flow will increase and  give you a natural glowing look.

Use a good sandalwood pack later in the day to make sure that your skin gets that perfect beautiful glowing skin.

Day 6

Spray thermal water or rose water on your face. As a result, it will help keep your face fresh.

Also avoid eating oily food to ensure healthy skin and drink a lot of liquid to keep your skin well hydrated.

Day 7

Skincare Products for Glow


Finally, I recommend getting a good facial done to ensure that you continue to maintain a beautiful glowing look.

There you have it! This 7 day plan is almost always guaranteed to give you beautiful glowing skin!