While applying makeup, you can tweak your creative cells and come up with different looks that suit you perfectly. However, makeup as a whole is broadly divided into two categories – Glossy and Matte. Though both the styles are still very much in vogue, most people prefer the matte makeup which seems more natural than the eye catching glossy one.

Matte makeup works fine for all occasions. So, you can wear this to work, a wedding, a social do or a fun day out with friends. However, going to a makeup artist every time might just not seem to be a viable choice. Worry not! You can apply matte makeup at home, all by yourself. Find out how.

Tips to Apply Matte Makeup at Home

1.Prepping up

Before you start applying the makeup, it is important that you prep up your skin bit. So, first wash your skin with a gentle cleanser and then scrub off the dead skins. Using a face scrub would be a good idea. Apply this to your face and using circular motions of your fingers, rub this across your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. Do this for a couple of minutes and then wash your face with water. Dry it with a soft towel.

2. Toning

Makeup products can have a drying effect on your skin. So, it is important that you use a toner on your skin to lock in the moisture and regulate the skin’s pH balance. However, make sure that you don’t use a toner that contains alcohol. This would not only rip your skin of moisture but would also close up the pores too tightly resulting in dirt getting trapped in the skin.

3. Primer

Use a matte face powder to form a base for the makeup. Apply this evenly all over your face including your eyelids. The powder will cover up all the pores and blemishes and offer you a smooth base to apply makeup on. You might have to use a concealer on the spots that are too obvious and cannot be hidden by the powder. So, if you have dark circles and acne spots go ahead and cover these up with a concealer.

4. Foundation

Apply a matte finish foundation that is closest to your skin tone. You can use a brush to do this. However, your fingers would also suffice. Take some foundation in your palm and dab in on your cheeks, chin, forehead and nose. Blend the foundation into your skin with firm strokes of your hands. Look for products that offer maximum coverage. This would ensure that the foundation covers up maximum area with minimum quantity and also stays on for a longer period.

5. Blush

Now that your face is all prepped up, add in some color to your cheeks with a blusher. Since, you are looking for a matte look, go for blush powder. Use a blusher brush or your fingers and dab it on your cheekbones and nose. You may also consider dabbing on a small quantity at the corners of your eyes. Make sure you blend it into your skin to get an even finish.

6. Eyes

Get some color over your eyes by applying powder eye shadow. Pick a non shiny, non glossy one. Starting from the corner of your eyes work your way in, making sure that the shadow is properly blended. Don’t forget to dab on some mascara to brighten up your eyes. Even out your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil.

7. Lips

Using a lip liner, draw a neat outline of your lips. Make sure the lip liner is similar or close to the lipstick shade that you choose. Go for a matte lipstick. With a lip brush, fill in the color into your lips.

Using a matte nail polish on your nails would complete your matte makeup. You can always bring in your own ideas to enhance your makeup style. So, go ahead and try that all matte look for the next big do.