Mehendi plays one of the most important roles in Indian culture, be it weddings or festivals, the Indian culture welcomes the henna culture beautifully. Wedding traditions in India have a special Mehendi ceremony, where the bride’s hands and feet are decorated with Mehendi designs, this ceremony is held in order to bid farewell to the bride and wish her good luck and health as she starts a new chapter of her life. Besides that, Mehendi is considered a medicinal herb that cools down the anxious body, thus applying Mehendi on hands and feet helps prevent stress before the wedding day. However, brides these days, always prefer getting the best bridal Mehendi designs for their D-day. The problem that occurs is that there is so much out there in the market, you just can’t decide which one is the best. For instance, how to pick the best Mehendi designer for your function, selecting and finalizing the best design that you want on your wedding, making sure your designer can give a professional look to your chosen design, there is a lot to work on, you just have to make sure, you do it 2 months beforehand so that you don’t end up messing things up on the ceremony. However, we’ve made it easy for you to choose the perfect Mehendi design by listing out a few ways :

1, Looking out for latest bridal Mehendi trends:

Search on Instagram or Pinterest for inspirations, or look at the wedding gallery on WedMeGood to find latest bridal Mehendi designs and trends, these help you choose what you would want on your bridal Mehendi. However, choosing the best design can be quite overwhelming and you would end up getting confused, in this case, scenario, you can always take suggestions from your friends and family. So, you come to a final result.

2, Finding the Mehendi art perfectionist:

Finding the best bridal Mehendi artists is not like walking on a cake, however, online wedding planning websites like WedMeGood have made it easier for brides to choose by checking out reviews and previous work portfolio. You can also enquire your relatives or friends who had their weddings recently so that they can help you with the search. But its advisable to always have a trial of your designs and make sure the artist can design it just like the way you want.

3, Have a patch test:

Mehendi powder contain chemicals which can cause allergic reactions to some people, due to individual skin conditions, before you finalize your bridal Mehendi artist, it is advisable to have a Mehendi paste patch test made by the artist you are about to finalize, and check if the paste suits on your skin because you obviously don’t want any madness on your big day. If by any chance, the product doesn’t suit you, you can either ask the artist to change the product or simply choose to use henna stickers.

4, Choose the design according to the shape of your palms:

Whenever you randomly choose to get a Mehendi designed on your hand, the artist always picks up designs randomly and they end up suiting your hands, however, choosing bridal Mehendi designs can get tricky as, you will be choosing the design yourself, you wouldn’t have the correct knowledge of what goes with the shape of your hand. You can always discuss this with your Mehendi artist beforehand so that you can also choose to change the design if needed. However, you can always go for geometric shapes on the back of your hands, as these designs go well with every hand shape.

5, Choosing the right Mehendi design for your feet:

Mehendi application on feet is, however, an option choice for brides, as it can be very hectic to sit down the whole time, trying not to mess your Mehendi design, you would be missing on many opportunities to dance on your Mehendi function, however, you can try and go for minimal designs for bridal feet Mehendi, basically the only with gaps in between the design so that your Mehendi gets to breathe, this would also help increase the drying process of the Mehendi, so that you get to enjoy your functions without spoiling your feet Mehendi design. Brides these days also prefer getting Mehendi on their feet soles, yes, sounds a bit unrealistic, because who wants to sit down on their own Mehendi function, but some brides, don’t mind completing the whole feet Mehendi look so that they can get some really exquisite shots of their Mehendi studded feet.

Some mehndi designs popular amongst brides are:

Traditional Yet Minimalistic Bridal Mehendi:

Lately, brides, have been loving traditional bridal Mehendi design as it brings it own elegance and beauty to the wedding look, however as traditional Mehendi designs tend to cover the whole palm, with no or less space, today brides, make sure to add a minimalistic touch to the bridal Mehendi design with a little bit of personalized design, How perfect it sounds !! Traditional yet minimalistic Mehendi with a touch of personalization!! Designs like these are somehow better than complete traditional designs as the intricate touches of the itsy-bitsy motifs complete the elegance of the whole bridal look.

Personalized Mehendi Design:

Personalized Mehendi designs are one of the trendiest Mehendi designs, brides love. I mean who wouldn’t want a picture of herself and her groom on her Mehendi design, even though it takes a lot of effort and time, it is totally worth it. After all, a wedding is your festival of love. And not just pictures of the bride and her beau, some also go for personalizing their bridal Mehendi design with either cartoon sketches of the love story, or where they’ve met, where he proposed, some get their pets sketch designed on their Mehendi, or get cute hashtags in a part of the design and so on. These designs are just so beautiful and picture-perfect.