Teaching is a rewarding field. You are helping to shape young lives and you are giving back to your community. You have so much to offer and give as a teacher, but sometimes it can be hard to maintain a positive outlook or the dedication and motivation required to be a better teacher, let alone an awesome teacher. It can help to hit the refresh button every now and again to ensure that you are giving the most that you can and that you are doing the best job you can. Being a better teacher is all about putting the learners first. To be a better teacher you must be engaging, interesting, and fun.

Make Your Classroom A Happy Place

Whether you teach online or in a physical school, your classroom is just as important as anything else. To ensure social justice in the classroom you must look at your classroom from all angles and points of view. If you are teaching children, then you will know how important their early years are. The early years change and shape how young people think and act, and so because of this it is important that you too focus on providing the best environment possible. Being a better teacher is about embracing change and raising awareness of social issues – all the while doing this in a safe and happy classroom. When learners feel happy and safe within a stable learning environment, then you can focus on improving and enhancing yourself. 

Keep Advancing Your Learning

Learning at any age is fun. When you carry on learning you enhance your mind, your outlook, and your thinking. Advancing your own learning will allow you to progress and it will allow you to strengthen and polish your teaching skills. When you return to learning you get to see first-hand where you can make improvements that make an impact. Learning allows you to expand your horizons and it also allows you to see the viewpoints of others which is essential in any teaching role.

Focus On The Future

The here and now is good, but what is the future looking like? Is the future for you and your students looking bright? To be a better teacher you must be continuously looking towards the future. You need to be focusing on creating and enhancing learning for all. When you focus on the future you provide hope and you provide change, which is what all good teachers must do. To ensure that your future and the future of your learners is bright, then you need to be ready to change and adapt even at short notice. Nothing will stay the same and if you prepare for the future then you can welcome it with open arms. Being a better teacher involves accepting change and accepting flaws. You will never be a perfect teacher (they do not exist) but you will be a better teacher if you enhance your offering, and if you enhance the lives and futures of your learners, no matter what their age or ability.