Negative Space Makeup

Would you have ever imagined that one day we would be following a trend known as negative space? No need to panic, this has nothing to do with negativity (negative vibes),  rather, it is to do with applying your makeup leaving a space of it nude!

Instagram Kristen Leanne has shown us that the negative space trend can be taken up a notch by starting a negative space cheek trend. She uses stickers to create this look using her blush and highlighter!

This look first shot to fame when she tweeted about it while at Coachella! Ever since then negative space makeup has been exploding all over the internet!

When I say makeup, I’m not just talking about using it on your cheeks but, nails and eyes too! Let’s take a look at some of our favorite negative space looks!

Negative Space Nails

This nail art design by Amy Thomson involves using a stamping pad design without a base color to create a compelling and totally rad look!

We love how the bright colors throw out an immediate contrast to the negative space. The flowers also add that extra spice to the whole look.

This video by Lindsey Cabreros will teach you exactly how to achieve that negative space nails look. Simple and easy, right?

Negative Space Eyeshadow

To have a crown on your head is one thing, but a tiny one on your eye is sure to remind everyone of the Queen you are each time they look in your eyes! We also love the play with colors and that perfect blend!

We all know about cut creases, this makeup look by Ashley Haw shows us a variation of that look by using a zig-zag tape to achieve this look!

Why should the negative space trend only apply to eyeshadow? Eyelight Beauty has tested the waters by using it in her liner, and we love it!

Negative space eye makeup

Negative space lip makeup