Aging is a part of a Natural Process, but when aging comes too early, it becomes a thing of concern. When you are aging too fast, it is high time you check your diet and your daily routine. There are many factors that may contribute to the early aging. These factors may be environmental, habits, lifestyle, and some medical conditions. Diet is a very important factor that affects the aging process. A diet is lacking the basic nutritional element the body needs will speed up the aging process. Foods such as fried foods and junks may also contribute to early aging. It is important to eat more real food and more fruits for better skin and a healthy body.

Also, lifestyle such as smoking contributes to aging as well as not using sunscreen and lack of exercise. Daily exercise is important in maintaining healthy skin and preventing aging. Other factors that contribute to premature aging are; anger, too much work, sleep deprivation and many more.

Amongst all the factors, stress is one of the most important factors that may be underestimated as a cause of premature aging. The question “What is Stress”? is a fundamental question we should ask ourselves.  Stress is one of the ways your body responds to a threat. Stress is a part of life we can’t avoid, but we sure can try to manage and prevent it from getting us down. Both the young and aged face stress. Stress may be caused due to changes in routines, work, family upbringing, negative thinking and many more

Some of the signs and symptoms that you are under stress are; low concentration, worry, memory problem, Moodiness, anger, aches and pains, rapid heart rate, eating too much or less, sleeping too little or too much, smoking, using drugs or alcohol to relax. When you see yourself experiencing these signs, its time for you draw back and take a break from your routine and improve your lifestyle. Some of the best anti-aging tips that may help you reduce the wrinkles, sagging face and help you get a good  skin tone with reduced aging are:


  1. Quit smoking: lifestyle plays a significant role in the aging process. Smoking has shown to increase and speed up aging because it increases the risk of cancer and psoriasis, it is a sign of depression, and it also increases wrinkles on the face due to the facial movement. Smoking has also proved to constrict blood vessels. So when you want to prevent premature aging, the habit of smoking must be stopped.

  1. Eat healthily: diet plays a vital role in how your skin looks. Eat food that contains anti-oxidants such as fruits, vegetables, and anti-oxidants; these are elements that help prevent the skin from damage and prevent free radicals from destroying the skin’s important component. Also, fermented foods have also shown to contain pro-biotic that are good for your health and improve skin health. Fermented food also contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. It is also quite interesting to know that some beauty products contain fermented extract. So, incorporate them in your food today and slow down the aging process. Protein is also vital in the diet as they help in losing weight and thereby maintain a toned skin. Protein has also shown to help cut down cravings for junks that may increase the chances of premature aging.


  1. Sleep: It is essential and should not be cut off. The need for rest can’t be overemphasized. It is essential to get enough sleep as it reduces stress, helps the skin regenerate and ultimately reducing premature aging. And research has also shown that when you sleep on a pillow with a silk pillowcase, there is a reduced chance of wrinkles since it makes your face slide on the pillow with less friction thereby reducing the risk of wrinkles and premature aging.


  1. Exercise: Regular exercises are necessary for a younger look and reduce premature wrinkling.


  1. Drink plenty of water: water is significant in the improvement of metabolism and reduce the amount of alcohol you take.


  1. Use proper sunscreen: the sun exposure is one of the major causes of premature aging, so, it is very paramount to reduce the amount of skin you expose to the sun by using sunscreen to protect the skin and wearing proper cloth that suites the weather.


Since stress is one of the ultimate causes of premature aging, some tips to reduce stress-related aging are; getting lots of exercises, listening to Music, giving yourself a  ‘Me time’ and getting away from work for some time. Always find someone to talk to and eating healthy. These tips will help prevent premature aging of the skin and will also help you improve your general body health and make you feel good about yourself.

There are times when you have given all the tips a try, and you still feel you are aging beyond your age with wrinkles and fine lines. Anti-wrinkle creams may help. The choice of which anti-aging cream to use is a crucial one.

When you want to choose the anti-aging cream, there are some ingredients you need to look out for. These ingredients are a primary anti-aging agent which when not present in the cream may render the cream ineffective. The ingredients are; Retinol which is an anti-oxidant that fights free radical in the skin, co-enzyme Q10, Hydroxy acids, Niacinamide, Peptides that helps reduce wrinkles, vitamin C which is an important antioxidant that protects the skin, grape seed, and tea extract also help improve the healing and health of the skin.

Side effects, cost and allergies of any cream should be known before use that is why it is essential to see a dermatologist to recommend you a very effective cream with little side effects.

In conclusion, stress is a factor that will undoubtedly contribute to causing premature aging, so, it is important to follow the tips aforementioned to prevent stress and thereby to prevent wrinkles, and if it’s not working, then you may need to use an anti-wrinkle cream after seeing your dermatologist.