Ariana Grande is honestly a power-house and a stunning beauty! With a voice as phenomenal as hers, you would expect nothing less when it comes to how she carries herself in the recording room. We have all tried to look like Ariana Grande at some point. Don’t even try to deny it! But, let’s admit that we don’t really know how to look like Ariana Grande!

When you think Ariana Grande, there are three things that you immediately visualize about her!

Ariana Grande

  1. Her amazing four-octave level voice that can break records!
  2. The signature high ponytail (the perfect Ariana Grande hairstyle!)
  3. Her flawless makeup even after performing like a firecracker onstage

No matter how high-end it may look, to look like Ariana Grande is not an impossible task after all. She is known to follow a regime quite strictly and that helps her retain the beauty and fitness fit for a diva. We have demystified the mystery that is Ariana Grande only for you! Take a look at some of her beauty and fitness secrets.

How To Look Like Ariana Grande

1. Ariana Grande Uses A Clay Mask Religiously

She never misses out on pampering her skin. Ever so frequently, Ariana tends to some intensive skincare treatments at home and opts for natural clay masks to do the job for her.

Her go-to product for this task is the Boscia Luminising Black Mask. This mask contains extracts from eucalyptus and willow tree and helps with treating dry and dull skin along with taking care of skin inflammation .

2.  Ariana Grande Never Misses Out On Using A Primer

Having suffered with major skin related issues when she was young, Ariana is a self-proclaimed lover of everything skin-friendly. What with all the media appearances and being in the limelight 24×7, a star like her needs to be super careful about taking care of her skin. Here’s how to look like Ariana Grande, where makeup is concerned!

Her secret: She never lets makeup touch her face till she has her primer on.

Using the primer ensures that the makeup interferes very less with the skin and hence ridding the skin off any bad effects from the makeup products. Also perfect your makeup and look like Ariana Grande with the help of the perfect primer!

3. Intensive And Innovative Workouts

How to look like Ariana Grande? Ariana Grande loves to burn off the pesky calories and stay in shape on an elliptical machine. Apart from that, she uses dance as her next favorite way to keep fit. She urges women to try dancing in 5 inch heels to have fun and shed those extra calories at the same time. The perfect way to look like Ariana Grande, especially if you’re short like her!

4. Meditation

With all the hectic rehearsing, performing and media appearances, it is a wonder that a star like Ariana does not have a breakdown every other day. She however chooses to meditate and relax very often which allows her to keep her mind and body proactive giving her a self-assured glow.

5. Healthy And Vegan Diet

Ariana turned vegan quite recently and contrary to popular belief, she keeps herself fit and active with a high carb and low fat diet. So, maybe all those vegan jokes are on you!

6.  Ariana Grande HER ULTIMATE SECRET !

Her one constant companion is a bottle of coconut water. She swears by it religiously!

Another product she absolutely loves is the coconut oil. Being obsessed with proper and healthy skincare, Ariana emphasizes crazy on the importance of sleeping without the makeup on.

According to her, even after a long and tiring day, when you do not have the strength or the will to exfoliate and tone your skin in the night you have to at least make sure to remove the makeup completely before you hit the sack. You will have crazy skin problems and worst of all, breakouts, if you keep up with the habit of sleeping with your makeup on.

To take care of her makeup cleansing needs, Ariana recently revealed that she trusts one product almost blindly!

And this is – Coconut Oil

She uses coconut oil, in any form virgin or cooking, on her face as well as her body. According to her, no other product has worked wonders in making her skin glow and become healthy, as coconut oil did. She even uses the oil on her hair and that could well be the secret to that perfect flyaway-free ponytail!

Following her advice, we cannot wait to get our hands on a big jar of coconut oil ourselves!