Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is honestly a powerhouse and a stunning beauty! With a voice as phenomenal as hers, you would expect nothing less when it comes to how she carries herself in the recording room. We have all tried to look like Ariana Grande at some point. Don’t even try to deny it! But, let’s admit that we don’t really know how to look like Ariana Grande! From Ariana Grande cosmetics to her clothes, we have everything that you should know, including her diet plan and makeup routine.

How To Look Like Ariana Grande

When you think of Ariana Grande, there are three things that you immediately visualize about her!

  1. Her amazing four-octave level voice that can break records!
  2. The signature high ponytail (the perfect Ariana Grande hairstyle!)
  3. Her flawless makeup even after performing like a firecracker on stage

No matter how high-end it may look, to look like Ariana Grande is not an impossible task after all. She is known to follow a regime quite strictly and that helps her retain the beauty and fitness fit for a diva. We have demystified the mystery that is Ariana Grande only for you! Take a look at some of her beauty tips and fitness secrets.

Ariana Grande Hair Care

We have the low-down on the hair products Ariana Grande uses, and why she adores one hairstyle in particular.

1. Ariana Grande Hair Color

We all know that during the filming of �?Sam and Cat’, Ariana had to keep up with her character and so she had red hair. But, once the show was done, Ariana Grande took on a whole new hair color, by going natural with brown hair!

While the brunette look suits Ariana the best, she does like to experiment with different hair colors, whether they are wigs or highlights. Like, in her song �?Focus’, Ariana Grande tried out white hair, which was inspired by her grandmother, or her pink hair look during the promotion of her MAC product – Viva Glam! You can never really guess what hair color she will opt for next.

Of late, Ariana has enjoyed experimenting with ombre hair, although, making sure that she does not touch her natural dark brown hair.

2. Ariana Grande with Curly Hair

This is possibly the biggest shocker about Ariana Grande’s hair but, Ariana actually has curly hair! In September 2015, Ariana posted a picture on Instagram that has us all shook. She showed us her natural hair color and her natural flawless curls.

Although Ariana Grande strongly prefers a straight hair look, we can’t help but love this natural look on her anyway!

3. Why Ariana Grande Barely Leaves Her Hair Down

Can you remember the last time you saw Ariana Grande with hair down? Ari stated that this was due to a number of hair problems she faced after having to color her hair repeatedly while playing the role of Cat in �?Sam and Cat’. She lost her confidence with her hair and from that rose her unforgettable high-ponytail, and half-up, half-down hair do’s.

In fact, although Ariana Grande has long hair, it is said that she uses a lot of fake hair extensions to achieve that look.

4. Ariana Grande Hair Products

There are three hair products that Ariana Grande must-have with her at all times for the perfect hair flipping look!:

  • Oribe Soft-Dry Conditioner Spray – For the perfect soft hair.
  • Elnett Very Volume Hairspray Supreme Hold – For extreme, non-crunchy hold.
  • TIGI Bed Head Hair Stick – For annoying flyaways during a concert or walking down the carpet.

Ariana Grande Makeup

Having suffered from major skin related issues when she was young, Ariana is a self-proclaimed lover of everything skin-friendly. What with all the media appearances and being in the limelight 24×7, a star like her needs to be super careful about taking care of her skin. Here’s how to look like Ariana Grande, where makeup is concerned!

1. Ariana Makeup Must-Have

Her secret: She never lets makeup touch her face till she has her primer on.

Using the primer ensures that the makeup interferes very less with the skin and hence ridding the skin of any bad effects from the makeup products. Also, perfect your makeup and look like Ariana Grande with the help of the perfect primer!

2. Ariana Grande Eyeliner

When was the last time you saw Ariana Grande with bad eyeliner? In fact, I would say that she ought to be named the queen of cat eyes! Have you ever thought of a cat-eye without thinking of Ari? I think not.

3. Ariana Grande Eyebrows

Sadly, Ariana Grande’s eyebrows can be a little overwhelming or be underwhelming at times. While she does have some �?eyebrow on fleek’ moments, there are more disasters than achievements. She is yet to decide a proper color for herself. Although she does not have amazing full brows like Cara Delevingne, we cannot deny that she has the perfect eyebrow shape.

4. Ariana Grande Makeup Products

There are a few makeup products that Ariana prefers using as they suit her skin the best. These products are based on the information given by Ariana Grande makeup artist, Daniel Chinchilla. They are:

  • Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer – She never goes without primer, and this primer serves her skin with the best care possible.
  • Laura Mercier loose powder – Just a little powder to set her makeup.
  • The Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadow – After all, what is Ariana without a little sparkle!
  • L’Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara – For those long luscious lashes.
  • Sephora’s Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof – You can never go wrong with smudge proof AND waterproof liner.

5. Ariana Grande Products

If you do not know about Ariana Grande viva glam lipstick then you are missing out on the best parts of life! Ariana Grande combined with MAC to form her very own Viva Glam collection. The Viva Glam products donate their whole selling price towards MAC AIDS fund.

So far, she has two lipsticks that you can buy:

  • MAC Viva Glam Ariana Grande Lipglass – A neutral mauve lipglass for a little sparkle and shine.
  • Matte Orchid Pink Lipstick – An amazing pigmented lipstick for those with a darker taste in lip color.

Ariana Grande Skin Care Routine

As mentioned earlier, Ariana faces a lot of skin issues due to the amount of makeup that she uses. To her, a skin care routine is an absolute must-have. Even without makeup Ariana Grande looks perfect due to this skin care routine that she follows. Find out what she does to keep her skin perfect and flawless!

1. Ariana Grande Uses A Face Mask Religiously

She never misses out on pampering her skin. Ever so frequently, Ariana tends to some intensive skin care treatments at home and opts for natural face masks to do the job for her.

Her go-to product for this task is the Boscia Luminising Black Mask. This mask contains extracts from eucalyptus and willow tree and helps with treating dry and dull skin along with taking care of skin inflammation.

2. Ariana Grande Night Care

Being obsessed with proper and healthy skin care, Ariana emphasizes crazy on the importance of sleeping without makeup on. According to her, even after a long and tiring day, when you do not have the strength or the will to exfoliate and tone your skin in the night you have to at least make sure to remove the makeup completely before you hit the sack.

You will have crazy skin problems and worst of all, breakouts if you keep up with the habit of sleeping with your makeup on.

3. Ariana Grande ULTIMATE SECRET

To take care of her glitter makeup cleansing needs, Ariana recently revealed that she trusts one product almost blindly and this is – Coconut Oil and its many uses and benefits!

She uses coconut oil, in any form virgin or cooking, on her face as well as her body. According to her, no other product has worked wonders in making her skin glow and become healthy, as coconut oil did. She even uses the oil on her hair to repair her damaged hair!

Following her advice, we cannot wait to get our hands on a big jar of coconut oil ourselves!

Ariana Grande Health Routine

A few other ways to look like Ariana Grande is to follow a strict diet and exercise routine. Here a few things that she follows to maintain her figure and peace of mind.

1. Intensive And Innovative Workouts

How to look like Ariana Grande? Ariana Grande loves to burn off the pesky calories and stay in shape on an elliptical machine. Apart from that, she uses dance as her next favorite way to keep fit.

She urges women to try dancing in 5-inch heels to have fun and shed those extra calories at the same time. This to me seems like the perfect way to look like Ariana Grande, especially if you’re short like her!

2. Meditation

With all the hectic rehearsing, performing and media appearances, it is a wonder that a star like Ariana does not have a breakdown every other day. She, however, chooses to meditate and relax very often which allows her to keep her mind and body proactive giving her a self-assured glow.

3. Healthy And Vegan Diet

Ariana turned vegan quite recently and contrary to popular belief, she keeps herself fit and active with a high carb and low-fat diet. So, maybe all those vegan jokes are on you!

Ariana Grande Outfits

Ariana Grande inspired outfits all over the world worn by teenagers and youth alike. A few of her signature looks include:

1. Cat Ears

Ariana is rarely seen on stage without at least one of her outfits containing cat ears. This, naturally made us curious about whether this cat inspired look began after her role as �?Cat’, which made her shoot to fame (cat ears and cat eyes).

2. Ariana Grande On-Stage Look

When on stage Ariana is often seen wearing either crop tops with short skirts or pants, or an irresistible bodysuit. A short dress does feature occasionally.

3. Ariana Grande Casual Outfits

On a casual day, Ariana seems to prefer oversized hoodies or sweatshirts. These look super adorable on her, considering how tiny she already looks!

4. Heels Everywhere

Since she is super short (only 5 ft 3 inches in height), Ariana prefers to wear heels while on stage and walking the carpet. In fact, when she does not wear heels, she tends to walk around on her toes to appear taller!