Just as similar to skincare, haircare was also been popularized by a lot of famed individuals. Although having the hair taken care of appropriately is important, a simple shampooing and conditioning are no longer enough, and hair health is now being taken more seriously. The new concept of skinification was put into the spotlight for the application of skincare techniques and innovations in making a more advanced solution for hair care.

This trend has taken groundbreaking products like serums, treatments, sun protection, and masks to prove that hair can be nourished more than the traditional lather and rinse. As such, below are some of the products that produce more hair and scalp benefits and were influenced by skincare.

The Cleanser

Similar to the cleanser used for the skin, the hair cleanser removes all the impurities present in the hair. This reduces the breakage, lifelessness, and the risk of the scalp problems caused by styling creams, hairsprays, and dry shampoos. In particular, the hair cleansers that are specially formulated gently remove the specks of dirt and unnatural oil, strengthen the strands, and moisturizes the scalp.

The Treatment 

Another similarity between skincare and hair care products is the treatment. Just like how the skin is being affected by aging, the hair also losses its glow and strength through time. To be specific, hair that does not receive any particular treatments could be fragile and conspicuously become gray. With the use of reliable and appropriate hair treatment, these circumstances can be prevented. Using the same technology in facial creams and serums, these hair products boast modern and advanced formulas that fight the early signs of hair aging like flat-looking hair, brittle strands, dryness, and thinning.

The Scalp Exfoliator

It is a piece of common knowledge that having the skin regularly exfoliated would keep it break-out free and radiant; this is just as true with the scalp. The scalp exfoliator prevents the build-up of various product residues, keeps the production of the oil under control, and prevent the clinging of dandruff that causes the itching and clogs of hair follicles. Furthermore, various types of these hair products are being sold in the market today. For example, there is a scalp exfoliator that is composed of almond oil, seed oil extract, and sea salt to double act as a shampoo and an exfoliator. Thus, it is important for an individual to check on the properties of the products, to know whether it suits their needs.

The Sun and Pollution Protection

Too much exposure from the sun and pollution is one of the major factors of skin and hair problems. Similar to the skin, the hair can experience dryness and discoloration due to the sun’s heat and low humidity because of pollution. Due to this, skin care and hair care products now have an item to add a layer of defense to the skin and hair. In particular, the sun and pollution protections for the hair have natural UV filters coating each hair strands with a protective layer; this keeps the scalp and hair moisturized.