Justin Bieber

Belieber or not, there is something enigmatic about the pop sensation Justin Bieber that enthralls millions of fans around the world. When you set out to describe his personality, Bieber stands out as a very shy introvert person but digging deep, you will dwell into a very prominent side to him that shouts out who he is more than anything. Yes, we are talking about his ‘inked’ side. Justin Bieber tattoos tell so much about him and the last time we were keeping count, he has 56 tattoos in all.

His typical sense of style, his eccentricity, his chartbuster songs; pretty much everything about him speaks of an aura that is only exclusive to him. Breaking down his tattoos for you in this post, we also try to decipher the enigma that is Justin Bieber. This time through his ink.

Justin Bieber Tattoo Guide

1. A Seagull In Flight

Bieber’s first tattoo was a seagull/bird in flight, which he has on his left hip. This Justin Bieber Tattoos apparently is part of a Bieber family tradition with most male members getting the same while growing up. It represents the learning to ‘fly’ in life and is based on the seagull from ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’

2. Hebrew Text

Bieber has ‘Yeshua’ in Hebrew tattooed vertically under his left armpit. It literally translates to Jesus.

3. Jesus

One of Justin’s latest tattoos is the face of Jesus with the crown on thrones tattooed on his left leg. This tattoo is a reminder of the strong influence that his dad has on Justin who has a lot of religious ink of his own.

4. Praying Hands

Reiterating the fact that he is an extremely religious person, Bieber flashed a tattoo which is a pair of hands folded in prayer. It is inked on his left leg on the calf.


Bieber showed off his text tattoo ‘Believe’ inked on the inside on his left arm near the elbow on the David Letterman show a couple of years ago.

6. Chinese Character

Later on, Bieber got a Chinese character tattooed on his right arm which turned out to the character used in Chinese to describe ‘Music’. We are not surprised at that choice.

7. Crown

No one knows why really, but we have a general idea of why Bieber would get a crown tattooed on his collarbone. He has a fairly relative notion of being ‘the king’ and hence the tattoo.

8. Son of God

One of his most recent tattoos, Bieber revealed this tattoo to the audience during a performance and is placed above another Justin Beiber tattoo – ‘Purpose’.

9. Small Cross

Justin got a tiny cross tattooed near the corner of his left eye. This tattoo is representative of his faith in God and his constant journey for finding his purpose.

10. Wings

In addition, Bieber has a pair of angel wings tattooed on the back of the neck and it looks super suave!

11. Purpose

As we mentioned earlier, Bieber has the word ‘Purpose’ tattooed on his belly in an arch right above the navel as a pointer to the name of his upcoming album.

12. G

Justin Bieber Tattoos feature the letter ‘G’ on his upper right arm because of a little girl named Georgia. Georgia was a little girl from Massachusetts who was born with a rare brain disorder called Lissencephaly, and he got the letter of her name tattooed on himself as a reminder of the brave fight she put up.

13. LL

According to Biebs, the Justin Bieber Tattoos LL which he got on his right arm literally translates to ‘low lift’. It means when your head is low, lift it up.

14. Patience

Bieber has the word ‘patience’ tattooed vertically behind his right ear crawling down all the way to the neck.

15. Graffiti Inspired Star

Another star tattoo, that looks heavily inspired by graffiti art, was inked on Justin’s arm.

16. Diamond

In addition to the tattoo sleeves that Justin has, he got a diamond inked on the outside of his right wrist. His Album ‘Confident‘ features the very same diamond that he has inked, on its cover art.

17. Banksy Tribute

As a tribute to the artist Banksy, Bieber got the famous ‘Balloon girl’ illustration by Banksy as a tattoo on the outside of his right hand.

18. Forgive

Following his love affair with tattooing words on his body, Bieber got the word ‘forgive’ inked on himself on the right hip. He might not be such a bad boy after all if he can forgive!

19. Cross

Justin Bieber has an outline of a cross tattooed right in the middle of his chest, once again making very evident his firm belief in faith and religion.

20. Small Treble Clef

What is Bieber without music right! And so, this treble clef tattoo on Justin makes total sense. This is symbolic of the fact that he is so deeply moved by music.

21. Love

Inside of his right forearm, Biebs has the word ‘love’ tattooed vertically in a very ornate fashion.

22. Compass

On the outside of his left bicep, Justin showed off to the world a very large black and white compass tattoo.

23. Jester

Another addition to Justin Bieber Tattoos foray on his right arm, Justin got the caricature of a jester tattooed. This happened shortly after he was accused of hurling eggs at his neighbor’s home which shows off his jest-like side.

24. His Mother’s Eye

Bieber got the tattoo of a very realistic looking eye tattooed. The word ‘Believe’ is seen just below the tattoo. The eye is a tribute from Bieber to his mother and is tattooed on the inside of his arm.

25. Selena Gomez Angel

Justin Bieber has a wrist tattoo of an angel with a face that is an exact replica of Selena Gomez. However, he tried to cover and modify it with some shading later on, after the couple were no longer together.

Other Less Prominent Justin Bieber Tattoos

Apart from the above prominent and early tattoos, Bieber added the following ones to his body canvas.

An Owl, a smiling Korean mask, ‘Trust’, old-school boom box with music notes, magic 8-Ball, Boo (ghost from Super Mario), black spade cards symbol, 2 hashtags, fish scales, “Bieber” in Korean, a hand throwing a peace sign, cartoon fish, a red heart on a star, Cherub Angel, a leaf, another star, a fierce Eagle, Psalm 119:105 from the Bible, a single angel wing, 3 roses, bleeding globe on the cross, Colossal Castle with crashing waves, Knight holding a sword, Tiger, Koi Fish, Greek symbol for Christ, Roman Numerals, Adding Roses to the Praying Hands and an Indian head – Hockey team logo

Phew! If that is not all for the tattoos that Bieber has, we hear he plans on adding more. We will just have to wait for them and find out what more of his personality he would like to add as body art.