Kylie Cosmetics – The Kyshadow Burgundy Palette

You know that a brand is a superstar entity when its own website uses hashtags to describe their product and company. Head over to the Kylie cosmetics webpage and you will be bedazzled by the amazing range of products (like her latest Kyshadow Burgundy Palette) that this Jenner sister is dropping like hot cakes!

Just three days after launching three new colors in her lipstick range, Kylie launched the newest addition to the Kyshadow range. The first palette she had introduced was all about the browns and bronzes, this new eye-shadow palette has a rather amazing burgundy twist to it. Kylie Jenner’s Kyshadow Burgundy Palette is a nine color palette with colors complementing red, gold and brown in both matte and metallic finishes. The shades are versatile and the palette looks like a sprawling vineyard, with plum shades dominating the kit. She personally swatched these colors on her snapchat in a mini-review of sorts, following the launch of the palette.

The Kyshadow Burgundy Palette Includes

The colors of the eye-shadow are named almost wittingly just like her entire range of cosmetics before this. The palette includes the following colored eye-shadows:

  1. Naked (Light Champagne Gold Colour)
  2. Beach (Golden Brown Colour in Matte finish)
  3. Penny (True Copper Colour in Matte finish)
  4. A (Metallic Copper Colour)
  5. Burgundy (Rich Wine Colour in Matte finish)
  6. Dubai (Rich Wine Colour in Metallic finish)
  7. Brick (Brownish Red Colour in Matte finish)
  8. New York (Slight Auburn Colour in Metallic finish)
  9. Almond (Deep Red Brown Colour in Matte finish)


The packaging of the product is something that caught our attention almost instantly. With Kylie’s heavily lashed winking eyes making up the front of the Kyshadow Burgundy palette case, the entire body of the palette box is pristine white and not overdone. When you look closely at the palette, you will notice that matte colors are true mattes and the metallic have an ample amount of glitter and metallic finish to them.

What We Love About The Kyshadow Burgundy Palette

What we love about the product apart from the fact that it looks extremely irresistible, is the product formulation. The product claims to be pigmented but is just enough. So in case you are a fan of subtle burgundy makeup on your eyes, then you can go for this palette. And if not, you like your eye to do all the burgundy talking; you can easily build on the product by using it over a couple of times and achieve the desired result.

What You May Not Like About The Kyshadow Burgundy Palette

The eye shadow does not change color when reapplied over and over but its true color only intensifies. This can precisely act as a downer for those buyers who like a lot of pigmentation in their product and find it redundant to use the product over and again to have a certain desired effect. Apart from this, the palette is a wonderful thing.

Texture Of The Product

The eye shadow bricks are in the pressed powder form and are talc and paraben free. In spite of being powder based, they have a very silky and velvety texture while being true to their individual matte and metallic characteristics.

Our Verdict

Packaging: 9/10

Product Formulation: 9/10

Brand Value: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

After the bestseller, that was the Kyshadow Gold Palette, this one is sure to fly off the physical and digital shelves as soon as they are up for sale. So, if you can get your hands on it, do not flinch. Buy this and add it to your existing eye-shadow palettes collection. In the world of Urban Decays and Tartes Naked and Smokey palettes, be a Kyshadow burgundy palette owner!

The Kyshadow Burgundy Palette became available for sale on the Kylie Jenner Cosmetics website on October 20th and it retails at $42 USD which means it will cost you less than $5 for each eye shadow brick which is a total bargain.