Temporary Tattoos

If you’re anything like me, you want to seize the day and make great memories. What better way to do that than to immortalize your stories with some body art? But hey, you’ve got to be careful before you decide to ink yourself! The best bet for you? Temporary Tattoos! These fake tattoos are washable tattoos, which means you can remove tattoo at any time spanning to a few days, weeks or even six months! This tat is your thing, especially for ladies who want a trial run before they get a permanent tattoo for women. Want some cool fake tattoos to rev up that party? Go through our guide today before you take the plunge!

What are Temporary Tattoos?

An artificial tattoo is a non-permanent instant tattoo on your skin which can be removed easily. Artificial tattoos are very popular today, more than their permanent counterparts, as you can widely experiment with them without the pain of removing them. Such non-permanent tattoos can also work as children tattoos in parties and so on.

Temporary tattoo designs are a great way to check if a particular design works for you, before you get inked permanently. Realistic fake tattoos are catching on as a great trend today, as they are versatile. Fake tattoos for adults and children are popular. Temporary tattoos that look real are great as party accessories or for fashionable outings.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Before trying out any temporary tattoos, it is important that you do the following to avoid any mishaps.

  • Fake temporary tattoos are a great way to experiment and find out if a particular design looks good on you.
  • Fake tattoo designs are usually less expensive than permanent inks.
  • If you choose a henna tat, make sure that the ink is purely organic for best fake tattoos. Check for FDA-approved standards, as some variants in the market may sell adulterated inks.
  • Always try out the ink on the skin as a tester before attempting to tattoo sensitive areas to check for allergic reactions.
  • Consult a dermatologist if you get rashes or other skin problems.

Types of Temporary Tattoos

A non-permanent tattoo can be classified based on how long it lasts and what tattoo supplies are used to make it. Tattoo kits are available for each type, and they’re super easy to use! Remember, the best temporary tattoos are those that are delicate on skin and easy to remove.

1. Henna Tattoo Kit

This form originates from traditional Eastern inks, which are mostly organic. This ink uses plant extracts to give a reddish brown shade for temporary tattoos for adults and children. You can create your own tattoo and apply on yourself with a henna cone available in Henna tattoo kits.

This temporary tattoo ink is one of the safest available in the market as it is organic, which makes it safe even for sensitive areas like belly button tattoos or face tattoos. These temporary henna tattoos last for a week, depending on the ink used making them long lasting temporary tattoos.

2. Airbrush Tattoo Kit

For this tattoo, a tattoo machine may be used with an airbrush attachment to print tattoo patterns using a tattoo stencil, which is used as a guide by the artist to airbrush synthetic ink on the skin and make temporary airbrush tattoos.

You can experiment with unique tattoos and create a tattoo yourself and get custom tattoo, which can be applied. Temporary glitter tattoos can be made with custom ink.

You can also airbrush temporary tattoos to create personalized temporary tattoos by making tattoo stencils. Design your own tattoo and try it out!

3. Rub-on Tattoos

These cool temporary tattoos are created by printing the mirror image of the design on temporary tattoo paper which can be rubbed on to the skin to design temporary tattoos and transfer tattoos on to the skin. These tattoos typically stay on for a few days and can be removed with oil or rubbing alcohol.

A temporary tattoo artist can print your designs on a temporary tattoo maker and even sell wholesale temporary tattoos, which are perfect as party favors. High-quality temporary tattoos can be used as kids tattoos.

4. Stick On Tattoos

You can create temporary tattoos by finding body tattoo stickers that are safe to use on skin and brainstorming! These are perfect as bulk temporary tattoos which can be used as tattoos for kids.

A sticker tattoo is easy to remove and brilliant to look at! Temporary tattoos custom designs are easy to make with stick on tattoos for adults.

5. DIY Tattoos

Although temporary tattoo paint is available, one of the easiest ways to create your own temporary tattoo without a temporary tattoo kit is by using this simple hack. You only need two items – eyeliner and hairspray.

Create a temporary tattoo at home by sketching the design on your skin with eyeliner, and spraying some hairspray on it. It will last for at least a day! Use these as temporary tattoos for kids and their safe keeping by writing your contact information on them, in case they get lost in a crowd.

Where Can I Buy Fake Tattoos?

Look out for tattoo parlors and studios near you, to find out where to buy temporary tattoos. Supply stores usually sell them, however, you can also buy temporary tattoos online.

Temporary tattoos for adults that look real are available online, and some websites also offer custom temporary tattoos which are realistic temporary tattoos for adults that can be personalized. Order temporary tattoos online.

If you are confused about where to buy fake tattoos, you can make your own tattoo at home, and get it tattooed with henna or you can make your own temporary tattoo with eyeliner too!

Cool Designs You Can Try Out

It can be hard to choose from such a wide variety of tattoo designs, that is why we have narrowed down the popular choices for you. Here are a few popular and cool temporary tattoo designs that you can try out.

1. Temporary Butterfly Tattoos

These cute temporary tattoos can go on your arms, legs, neck, and back. These tattoo ideas are perfect tattoo design ideas for girls as they are feminine and elegant.

2. Temporary Dragon Tattoos

Small temporary tattoos of dragons look cute and regal on the skin. You can even get huge dragons roaring on your back or chest, or snaking its way around your arm.

3. Star Temporary Tattoos

Be the star of your own life with gorgeous star tattoos on your arm or ankle! Find free tattoo designs online and choose from a wide selection of tattoo designs for women and temporary tattoo designs for men, to get this unisex tattoo!

4. Henna Tats

Henna ideas for tattoos are many as you can combine the mystery of the East with the versatility of the West for gorgeous temporary tattoo art. Temporary tattoos for men can also be designed with Henna tats.

5. Tribal Tattoo Designs

Temporary tribal tattoos look great on all body parts. The symmetry and patterns take your outfit to the next level.

6. Anchor Tattoos

An online tattoo designer can generate temporary tattoos for women and men with patterns like anchors, which stand out.

7. Flash Tattoo

These tattoos are the trending tattoos from last summer. However, I doubt such pretty and flashy tattoos will ever really go out of style. They are perfect for the beach and a fun party!

Where to Apply Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos can be placed just about anywhere. However, avoid your eyes and extra sensitive areas on your body. Here are a few common places to apply a temporary tattoo:

1. Temporary Face Tattoos

Fake tattoos that look real on the face look intimidating and mystical. Go out on a limb and get custom fake tattoos on your face. If you don’t like them, you can always remove.

2. Belly Button Tats

Tattoo ideas for girls are incomplete without belly button tattoos which look effortlessly sexy.

3. Temporary Tattoo Sleeves

Large temporary tattoos and fake tattoo sleeves are in vogue for both men and women today. Use temporary tattoo sticker and cheap temporary tattoos for instant glam and biker vibes.

4. Ankle Tattoos

Temporary body tattoos on ankle look girly and chic. The best part is that you don’t have to sit through the excruciating pain of getting a permanent tattoo on your ankle!

5. Finger Tattoos

Realistic temporary tattoos on fingers are a great reminder of your loved ones, quotes or fond memories. Another fun design to get on your finger is the mustache tattoo – fake a tattoo and a mustache!

6. Neck Tattoos

Tattoo temporary designs on the neck are becoming increasingly popular, as tattooed women and men embrace the slight curvature of the neck and tattoo themselves. Best tattoo designs areas on the neck include the back of the neck and the side.

7. Shoulder Tattoos

Experiment with small tattoo ideas and temporary body art on your shoulder! Tattoo ideas for women and women tattoos look gorgeous if you get them on your shoulder so that you can show them off with off-shouldered dresses.

Your body is a canvas. Discover yourself with temp tats today!

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